Java vs Kotlin for Android Development — 16 Pros and Cons

Java vs Kotlin for Android Development — 16 Pros and Cons

The technical difference is significant, but if you plan on doing Android development, learn both. Most of the popular libraries are backward compatible with Kotlin, Java code can be used in Kotlin and vice versa, but to solve a problem or simply understand all the nuances of the documentation, you should know Java. Having mastered both programming languages, you will become a sought-after specialist and secure a good future for yourself in developing applications for Android.

When Google announced Kotlin as the preferred language for Android development in May 2019, the language debate reignited. On the one hand, everything is simple: you need to write in the language that is convenient for you personally. But many factors cannot be denied that can tip the scales in favor of Java or Kotlin.

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Java or Kotlin — Whar should you prefer for Android Development?

Below there is a list of pros and cons of each language completed based on facts and the opinions of experienced developers.

1. Language Age


Extensive community, many libraries, solutions, and ready-made modules. Roughly speaking, if a developer is faced with a problem, he can quickly get an answer to his question.


But in the case of Kotlin, the opposite is true. The youth of the language and related libraries, such as Kotlinx Serialization _or _Exposed, makes you spend a lot of time looking for solutions. In addition, language documentation often boils down to explanations in the spirit of “it’s done like in Java; only here, you need to change a little.”

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