A powerful markdown components for Vue

A powerful markdown components for Vue

A Powerful Markdown Parser for Vue.js.The vue lib for markdown-it.<markdown-it-vue class="md-body" :content="content"/> </div> </template> <script> import MarkdownItVue from

The vue lib for markdown-it.

Demo online



npm install markdown-it-vue


  • Official markdown syntax.
  • GFM style
  • emoji
  • mermaid charts
  • Echarts
  • Flowcharts.js
  • Subscript/Superscript
  • AsciiMath
  • info | error | warning message tip

Plugin list

  • markdown-it
  • markdown-it-emoji
  • markdown-it-sub
  • markdown-it-sup
  • markdown-it-footnote
  • markdown-it-deflist
  • markdown-it-abbr
  • markdown-it-ins
  • markdown-it-mark
  • markdown-it-katex
  • markdown-it-task-lists
  • markdown-it-icons
  • markdown-it-highlight
  • markdown-it-latex
  • markdown-it-container
  • markdown-it-github-toc
  • markdown-it-source-map
  • markdown-it-link-attributes

internal plugin list:

  • markdown-it-plugin-echarts
  • markdown-it-plugin-mermaid
  • markdown-it-plugin-flowchart


use options property to sepcial the options of markdow-it and markdown-it-plugins.

<markdown-it-vue class="md-body" :content="content" :options="options" />
options: {
  markdownIt: {
    linkify: true
  linkAttributes: {
    attrs: {
      target: '_blank',
      rel: 'noopener'

more markdown-it options see https://markdown-it.github.io/markdown-it/.

amd default plugins options:

  linkAttributes: {
    attrs: {
      target: '_blank',
      rel: 'noopener'
  katex: {
    throwOnError: false,
    errorColor: '#cc0000'
  icons: 'font-awesome',
  githubToc: {
    tocFirstLevel: 2,
    tocLastLevel: 3,
    tocClassName: 'toc',
    anchorLinkSymbol: '',
    anchorLinkSpace: false,
    anchorClassName: 'anchor',
    anchorLinkSymbolClassName: 'octicon octicon-link'

More plugins

it can add your plugin to markdown-it-vue by the use method.



    <markdown-it-vue class="md-body" :content="content" />

import MarkdownItVue from 'markdown-it-vue'
import 'markdown-it-vue/dist/markdown-it-vue.css'
export default {
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
      content: '# your markdown content'







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