Episode 117: Quality Engineering 101

Episode 117: Quality Engineering 101

Olá pessoal e sejam bem-vindos à mais um episódio do Castálio Podcast! Hoje trazemos um episódio temático para falar sobre Engenharia de Qualidade. Pretendemos fazer uma série com vários episódios sobre o assunto. À medida que formos progredindo pretendemos abordar diferentes conceitos e trazer na prática como são implementados. Fiquem …

Today we bring a thematic episode to talk about Quality Engineering. We intend to make a series with several episodes on the subject. As we progress we intend to approach different concepts and bring into practice how they are implemented. Stay tuned, as we are only the beginning.

Today's focus will be the difference between the terms Quality Engineer ( Quality Engineer or QE) and Quality Assurance (QA) and why someone interested in working in the quality area should aspire to be a Quality Engineer. Of course, all content is based on our experiences and therefore if you have a different view, we invite you to leave a comment exposing your point of view.

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