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Sigrid Stark


Java Spring Boot First App

So far, my focus on my journey in web development was on JavaScript and its frameworks. I often wondered about non-JavaScript frameworks but, since I needed to concentrate on getting my JavaScript skills together, I never followed the urge to check them out. The necessity of learning a new programming language before I would be able to start working with the new framework held me back.

For me, at this stage, the framework Java Spring compares to a mall, one store after the next, each of them serving different products. Java Spring offers a modular collection of frameworks for different kinds of projects, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring for Android, Spring Mobile, Spring Web Services, to name just a few, are projects that can be easily combined according to your application’s purpose. I get an idea of why Java Spring is considered to be a full-fledged enterprise framework.
Regarding the resources to learn Java Spring, it is well documented and offers plenty of sample code and tutorials at You also will have no difficulties finding answers to your questions on the internet since the community is quite large.

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Java Spring Boot First App