Demo HomeRental Chat01

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Demo HomeRental Chat01

Electronics E-commerce Mobile App Design in Flutter | Demo Coming Soon

Hi Friend! Today we will create electronics e-commerce(Mobile) Application UI with Flutter Some of the major feature are home page, animation drawer , details Page , Profile Page , If you have any Question write in the comment section For more awesome and productive videos "Flutter Made Simple" and happy coding with flutter. Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe My Channel For More Videos. To Click The Bell Icon To Get Notification First! And Like, Share, Thank you. #flutter e commerce app #UI #Flutter #EcommerceApp #Demo #demo # Follow us 👇 ✔ Instagram : 

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Demo HomeRental Chat02

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aviana farren

aviana farren


NFT Marketplace Development | NFT Marketplace Demo | Demo of NFT marketplace

The NFT Marketplace Demo has huge demand and value in the digital world, benefitting a wide range of investors to explore their business structure visually for making worthy investments for future growth. Investors can contact reputed Infinite Block Tech to gain a detailed visual demo of NFT marketplace projects with customizable options to top the marketplace in less time.

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Fredy  Larson

Fredy Larson


CHOOCH AI: The coolest visual AI app ever!

CHOOCH AI is a computer vision app that can recognize a crazy wide variety of things for any device or spectrum!

You can check CHOOCH AI demo video before discovering superpower AI APP!

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What would be if it is possible to make any device to be able to recognize the objects and the faces in real-time? I can hear your answer that “Wow! Yes, it would be amazing!” and I totally agree with you! CHOOCH AI provides this amazing functionality that recognizing a crazy wide variety of things for any device or spectrum! Moreover, you can train any custom objects to make CHOOCH AI to be able to recognize them! Also, you can train it for custom face recognition! This is unbelievable! This is like a super power! You can develop visual based AI applications using CHOOCH AI easily such as:

  • Authenticate the company employees
  • Count the vehicles and pedestrians to calculate road traffic intensity
  • Detect the people who are not wearing face masks for COVID-19
  • Detect the cancer cells
  • Counting the products on market shelves
  • Detecting wildfire

Yes, if you use CHOOCH AI, you have a super power! For example, just think that a system can be developed to detect the people who are not wearing face masks for COVID-19! This would be great since many people do not care about the COVID-19 measures and they can be easily detected this kind of system autonomously! So, there are tons of applications can be developed like this to make the life better and happier!

Moreover, you can integrate this super powerful object and face recognition system to any basic edge devices such as Android, iPhone or Raspery-PI. CHOOCH AI provides great API to use its wonderful object & face recognition system! Just use already trained models of CHOOCH AI or you can also train your custom object & custom face recognition easily! You just need to take photos and videos of the custom objects or faces you want to recognize and upload to CHOOCH AI. Then, CHOOCH AI models will be trained for recognizing the uploaded custom objects or custom faces. Then, you can reach this trained models from any devices that have internet connection by an API is provided by CHOOCH AI. That’s all! So you can easily develop visual based AI systems that you need in just an amazing short time without giving an effort!

How CHOOCH AI works?

The way the app works is that it sends the phone data to the server where the images are processed and metadata is returned. It uses an AI API to do that as I already explained above. It is super easy to integrate CHOOCH AI to your systems by this API. It also has over 200,000 public classes which it uses for it’s AI. You can find these classes in the perception area of the Chooch AI dashboard if you sign up for the dashboard as a developer.

You can install CHOOCH AI to have a demo on your Android or iPhone. When you do this, you will feel this super power! :)

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How CHOOCH AI works?

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