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What are the major benefits of AWS certifications?

Cloud computing is the leading name in the information systems environment. Every company, large or small, is going to transfer its software solutions, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. Cloud computing specialists are therefore in high demand. Amazon Web Services is part of most of the shares of the current cloud services industry. So, each day, you can discover a multitude of online searches for AWS certification advantages.

In simpler terms, cloud computing is an on-demand, pay-as-you-go delivery of IT services on the Internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the best cloud networks and suppliers of such resources.

With several organizations typically shifting their in-house systems to the cloud to accrue advantages such as lower costs and improved productivity, it is only time that you get on board with the technology. And with added qualifications and certifications in the new cloud computing practices, especially those from AWS will enjoy a plethora of job options and top-level salaries.

AWS Certifications List

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect - Professional
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty
  • AWS Certified Security – Specialty
  • AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

AWS certification level will keep on increasing as you proceed further. For instance, Solutions Architect Associate certification is known to be at medium level in terms of difficulty whereas Solutions Architect Professional is known to be hard. Let us have a detailed look at the difficulty level of each one of these certifications.

Certification Name Difficulty Level

Solutions Architect Associate Medium

Developer Associate Medium

SysOps Administrator Associate Little Hard

Solutions Architect Professional Hard

DevOps Engineer Professional Very Hard

Why do businesses use AWS?
Companies are using AWS cloud computing tools for a range of business purposes. This rapidly growing list includes network and application hosting, big data storage and analytics, backup and disaster recovery, tailored projects in diverse regions such as IoT, and much more. Companies that effectively incorporate AWS solutions offer advantages such as enhanced performance, cost reductions, additional efficiency, stronger security, and better usability.

AWS Certification Benefits
Now that we have talked about the various AWS certifications and their level of difficulty, let us finally learn the many benefits the certification has to offer.

  • Helps you get ready for the future
    The effects of AWS Training and certification will allow you to plan for potential developments in the IT technical job market. AWS has approximately 31% of the market share and is demonstrating a progressive increase in profits. In the near future, most businesses might only hire AWS-certified professionals.

  • Get hold of AWS badges
    AWS certified practitioners will earn digital badges. These digital badges reflect your qualification accomplishment and can be used on social networks and email signatures. Digital badges offer immediate access to AWS-sponsored unique certification events. They also help to gain special access to AWS Summit Events and AWS Certification Lounges at "AWS re Invent.

  • Demonstrates the sheer will & commitment
    Applicants who appeared for AWS certifications have to spend a large deal of time and energy to pass the exams. Nevertheless, in the first instance, the applicants demonstrate their contribution to the AWS platform by selecting AWS certifications. AWS certification thus reflects the dedication of the candidate to the AWS platform.

  • Helps you draw a hefty paycheck
    AWS certification will help you increase the salary of a certified professional by approximately 25.9 percent. The average AWS certification salary figure for a certified professional is almost USD 11k. On the contrary, the average annual income of non - certified professionals is USD 90k. This obviously demonstrates that AWS certification advantages will put a heavy salary in your pocket every month.

  • Lets you be a part of a network of professionals
    One of the key advantages of AWS certification is to be a part of the AWS Certified Global Network. Certified professionals can join the LinkedIn Group and Network Certified AWS. In addition to building your professional community, you will also find ways to extend the network.

In A Nutshell…
In conclusion, AWS is going to prove to be highly lucrative in the future in the cloud technology industry. AWS is among the biggest cloud service providers with Azure and Google Cloud. So, planning for the potential developments in the cloud computing workforce does seem like a fair advantage. We will need to dig at promising prospects for salary growth and access to more jobs.

In addition, AWS certification also guarantees the participation of practitioners in the broader AWS community. AWS certification not only determines the technical AWS certificate but also offers the ability to extend the professional network. Apart from these benefits, AWS certification also ensures ongoing learning and professional growth with re-certification criteria.

Most notably, companies may also make the most from AWS certifications. Businesses could become AWS partners by getting more AWS-certified employees. Also, employees stay satisfied with the amazing amazon web services certification salary they may get their hands on. So, with all of these, the future sure looks bright for AWS and its professionals.

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What are the major benefits of AWS certifications?
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How To Unite AWS KMS with Serverless Application Model (SAM)

The Basics

AWS KMS is a Key Management Service that let you create Cryptographic keys that you can use to encrypt and decrypt data and also other keys. You can read more about it here.

Important points about Keys

Please note that the customer master keys(CMK) generated can only be used to encrypt small amount of data like passwords, RSA key. You can use AWS KMS CMKs to generate, encrypt, and decrypt data keys. However, AWS KMS does not store, manage, or track your data keys, or perform cryptographic operations with data keys.

You must use and manage data keys outside of AWS KMS. KMS API uses AWS KMS CMK in the encryption operations and they cannot accept more than 4 KB (4096 bytes) of data. To encrypt application data, use the server-side encryption features of an AWS service, or a client-side encryption library, such as the AWS Encryption SDK or the Amazon S3 encryption client.


We want to create signup and login forms for a website.

Passwords should be encrypted and stored in DynamoDB database.

What do we need?

  1. KMS key to encrypt and decrypt data
  2. DynamoDB table to store password.
  3. Lambda functions & APIs to process Login and Sign up forms.
  4. Sign up/ Login forms in HTML.

Lets Implement it as Serverless Application Model (SAM)!

Lets first create the Key that we will use to encrypt and decrypt password.

    Type: AWS::KMS::Key
      Description: CMK for encrypting and decrypting
        Version: '2012-10-17'
        Id: key-default-1
        - Sid: Enable IAM User Permissions
          Effect: Allow
            AWS: !Sub arn:aws:iam::${AWS::AccountId}:root
          Action: kms:*
          Resource: '*'
        - Sid: Allow administration of the key
          Effect: Allow
            AWS: !Sub arn:aws:iam::${AWS::AccountId}:user/${KeyAdmin}
          - kms:Create*
          - kms:Describe*
          - kms:Enable*
          - kms:List*
          - kms:Put*
          - kms:Update*
          - kms:Revoke*
          - kms:Disable*
          - kms:Get*
          - kms:Delete*
          - kms:ScheduleKeyDeletion
          - kms:CancelKeyDeletion
          Resource: '*'
        - Sid: Allow use of the key
          Effect: Allow
            AWS: !Sub arn:aws:iam::${AWS::AccountId}:user/${KeyUser}
          - kms:DescribeKey
          - kms:Encrypt
          - kms:Decrypt
          - kms:ReEncrypt*
          - kms:GenerateDataKey
          - kms:GenerateDataKeyWithoutPlaintext
          Resource: '*'

The important thing in above snippet is the KeyPolicy. KMS requires a Key Administrator and Key User. As a best practice your Key Administrator and Key User should be 2 separate user in your Organisation. We are allowing all permissions to the root users.

So if your key Administrator leaves the organisation, the root user will be able to delete this key. As you can see **KeyAdmin **can manage the key but not use it and KeyUser can only use the key. ${KeyAdmin} and **${KeyUser} **are parameters in the SAM template.

You would be asked to provide values for these parameters during SAM Deploy.

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Sandhya Pati


AWS Training Online Course - Best AWS Certification - Intellipaat

Enroll for best AWS training course with AWS Certification online and placement support. Learn Amazon web services AWS course from certified AWS experts. Enroll Now!

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AWS Certification Cost - Types of AWS Certification Exams

AWS is one of the most sought-after certifications in the market. According to research, 70 percent of the cloud market is with AWS, which means 7 out of 10 jobs that you will be applying for in the market will be based on AWS. In this blog on AWS Certification Cost and types of AWS certification exams, you will learn about different types of certifications in the market.

Having said that, with so many AWS certifications in the market, it is difficult to assess which certification you should go for or pursue. Today, this blog tries to guide you on which certifications you should opt for and more details based on your career goals. Let’s first see the things covered in this blog:

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Lindsey Koepp


The Benefits of Amazon S3 Explained Through a Comic

AWS S3 is one of the most fundamental services of AWS Cloud.

It’s basically your unlimited and safest cloud storage.

Read this comic style conversation between two guys and get to know why some of the biggest companies in the world are using Amazon S3 for their business and why you should use it too.

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Seamus Quitzon


AWS Cost Allocation Tags and Cost Reduction

Bob had just arrived in the office for his first day of work as the newly hired chief technical officer when he was called into a conference room by the president, Martha, who immediately introduced him to the head of accounting, Amanda. They exchanged pleasantries, and then Martha got right down to business:

“Bob, we have several teams here developing software applications on Amazon and our bill is very high. We think it’s unnecessarily high, and we’d like you to look into it and bring it under control.”

Martha placed a screenshot of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing report on the table and pointed to it.

“This is a problem for us: We don’t know what we’re spending this money on, and we need to see more detail.”

Amanda chimed in, “Bob, look, we have financial dimensions that we use for reporting purposes, and I can provide you with some guidance regarding some information we’d really like to see such that the reports that are ultimately produced mirror these dimensions — if you can do this, it would really help us internally.”

“Bob, we can’t stress how important this is right now. These projects are becoming very expensive for our business,” Martha reiterated.

“How many projects do we have?” Bob inquired.

“We have four projects in total: two in the aviation division and two in the energy division. If it matters, the aviation division has 75 developers and the energy division has 25 developers,” the CEO responded.

Bob understood the problem and responded, “I’ll see what I can do and have some ideas. I might not be able to give you retrospective insight, but going forward, we should be able to get a better idea of what’s going on and start to bring the cost down.”

The meeting ended with Bob heading to find his desk. Cost allocation tags should help us, he thought to himself as he looked for someone who might know where his office is.

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