Kattie  Flatley

Kattie Flatley


Gatsby and Sanity - Part 4 (Live Stream)

Gatsby and Sanity.io are a great pair for creating JAMstack projects like blogs. In these videos, I am working to migrate my Gatsby blog from using markdown files to using the Headless CMS called Sanity.io. After starting this migration, I am loving Gatsby and Sanity.io

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Gatsby and Sanity - Part 4 (Live Stream)
Meryem Rai

Meryem Rai


Top 7 Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for VOD and Live Streaming in 2021

The Demand For Fitness Live Streaming Platform is driven by recent upheavals disrupting the fitness industry leading to dramatic changes in the way they traditionally operated. The Regulatory framework for social distancing to overcome the pandemic has come as a challenge for fitness and wellness industries to continue regular operations.

An innovative approach to evolve within the given guidelines is to leverage existing technology-reach. The solution has been the launching of fitness streaming services.

Efforts to move fitness sessions/classes to the online platform are both effective and a Win-Win situation for fitness Centre owners and users.

At the time of the launch, it used the only easily available platform for such streaming services, YouTube to launch TigerFitness videos.

However, lately, there is no dearth for such streaming platforms with the arrival of multiple video-supporting platforms – VPlayed, Contus Vplay, Zype, Muvi, and many more.

List of Best Video Streaming Platforms for Fitness Lovers

  1. VPlayed – Online Fitness Streaming Solution
    Popularity of live streaming for gym streaming workouts and packages for home workout services. Hence working out at home and office using pre-recorded and live stream classes are no longer new. VPlayed customized platform for delivery of HD video streaming for multi-disciplinary fitness.

  2. Contus VPlay – Launch Your Own Fitness Video Service
    Contus VPlay is listed as one of the Top streaming fitness platforms supporting video-on-demand platforms for help with digital libraries for multiple mediums to monetize for TV channels, online broadcasters, web and mobile media.

  3. Zype – Best Platform to Stream Fitness Classes
    Calling itself the complete fitness streaming online infrastructure, Zype is a unique digital video distribution as well as management hub. The platform supports video streaming operations allowing devs to bring VOD online in any market with a fast turnaround.

  4. Uscreen – Build a Fitness Streaming App
    Top fitness streaming online service, Uscreen specializes in providing instant access to fitness subscribers and students. It allows experts, fitness gurus, and specialists to take their workouts online. The platform gives the studio owners the technology platform to live stream to support full-fledged video-on-demand libraries that allow every individual or business to Create/Build a fitness streaming platform for their own brand.

  5. Muvi – Fitness Video Streaming Software
    Monetization of fitness programs is possible for trainers and gym studios with professional video production such as Muvi. This platform for live video streaming for training supports on-demand videos including launching own brand coaching as well as training for connected TVs, mobile for custom support.

Live video streaming for training is an unexplored but high revenue-earning platform but will be driven purely by Quality content.

Publishers including fitness studios, personal trainers, and professionals in this spectrum of services can reap unbounded benefits with top-quality. An Online fitness platform is a perfect solution for an industry struggling to survive given the sudden upheaval.

To read full article about top fitness streaming platform providers click here.

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United States

United States


Top Live Streaming Application Development Company | San Francisco Bangalore Mumbai

A basic cross-platform (web, mobile, work area) Video conferencing application software development solution that permits video chat, messaging and a lot more features without the establishment of any extra software. The StreamingApp will give you a personalized media experience. showing you content that is tailored to your preferences. The Live streaming app development builder enables your users to stream movies, television, live events, broadcasts and music.

While planning the video streaming app development, we ensure the applications are appealing, simple to-utilize and immaculate for your application clients.
The incredible application has the capacities to watch live TV streaming as sports, entertainment, series and other substance through amazing media.

Why Live Streaming?
Modern people are no longer committed to TV listings, they choose to access media based on personal schedules. Add to this user-friendly interface, highest-resolution picture, and plenty of user-oriented features, and you’ll realize why streaming apps are here to stay.

Feature of Live Streaming App:
User Login
Personalized Profiles
Push Notifications
Diverse Streaming Functionality
Channel Subscriptions
Stream Recording and Storage

Live Streaming App Development Company we offer:
Live streaming app development
Video conferencing
OTT apps
Training education
Live streaming
Browse and organize
Private and public playlists

Why Fortunesoft?
Fortunesoft, an end-to-end application development company, provides digital technology solutions for the global clientele. We are a digital solution company that focuses on deep tech and innovative practices to craft high-end applications with our top-notch digital technology services. We leverage the benefits of disruptive technologies in providing top solutions, making us a leading software application development company in the market.

Want to get more info:
Call us : +1-615-298-7395
Mail us : contact@fortunesoftit.com

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How Much Does A Live Streaming App Cost?

Nowadays, people don’t stick around a TV and are glued to it in order to watch their favorite movie, live football match in their living room which can convert into a cinema hall or a stadium. With all the attractiveness and attention of cable television that it has obtained in recent years, the interest is slowly disappearing among the users with the arrival of live video streaming apps. The most interesting fact is that one can easily enjoy their favorite TV shows, movies without any kind of hindrance often in the form of commercials. Let’s make one thing clear.

These live video streaming apps aren’t just meant for entertainment and fun purposes. It can be quite useful for businesses as per as personal purposes. For example, it can prove to be quite vital in case of live video conferencing, offering live tutorials by the teachers to the students and another type of demonstration, providing training lessons, teaching skills, and also act as a safety device to keep a keen eye on the pets or children. So, let’s get deeper into the features and cost of developing a live video streaming app.

How Much Does A Live Streaming App Cost


1. Creation of Registration

The registration of the users is the most basic and first requirement whenever the customer is looking for a live video streaming app. The user needs to be provided with different options in order to register his account. It may include options such as registration through mobile number using verifications through OTP or email address. Along with this, you can also introduce the option of registering to the app via social media platforms like Facebook, etc. And also keep in mind that you should include the option where any user can easily recover his forgotten password. It is the most crucial part of phone app development.

2. Creating a Profile of User

Having a wide range of inventory that consists of the personal information of the signed users is always worthy. So, your next step is an app developer is to actually create a platform where your customer can easily fill in his profile which includes his name, mobile number, email address, preference of genre of videos like movies, sports, etc. subscription list, and all.

3. Search Feature and Suggested Videos

The mobile app developers need to attach a search box within the app which allows the user to easily search for any particular video in a given category. Now, these search categories have to be quite wider. They need to be based on the age factor, interest, location as well as language of the broadcast as well as number of total views and so on.

4. Feedback and Review

You know that the popularity of any video often increases by the total number of users watching it and it also offers their valuable feedback in a particular form of comments and ratings. The users often provide their feedback whether they liked the video or not and also make comments on the quality of the video and even if the video ran smoothly without any type of buffering. Any mobile application development company developing such an app needs to inculcate this feature.

5. Settings based on Sharing

In this current era of the internet, most of the ambiguous videos often become viral in a short span of time like a wildfire. How is it actually be possible for any video to get viewed by millions of people within a few minutes after its upload? Well, it occurs due to the sharing of the video on different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But most of the users like to maintain their own privacy when it comes to sharing of the content. So, you have to consider that you provide some kind of privacy-related settings. Users should be allowed to choose whether he wishes to share the details or not.

6. Tracking based on Geo-Location

Since you are actually creating apps for live video streaming, geolocation tracking can be added which is quite helpful. It allows you to trace or obtain the location of the current broadcast easily. One can easily cite the instance of Facebook Live which allows the user to share the current location with their friends easily.

7. Making Regular Notifications

One of the key steps you should take in order to keep boosting your traffic is implementing Push Notification during app development. You know that if a particular user likes any type of video category, like Sports, then he would like to wait for the uploading of next video of the match that he can watch. So, if the user has subscribed, then you can easily send him particular notification information that a relevant new video has appeared and been uploaded.


The development of such an app requires a development team that is involved in a project that often consists of the same professionals that are often involved in any app design. There is a project manager who manages as well as supervises the entire project and even designates the different roles to the team members. Then there are app developers who have experience in iOS and Android app development.

There is the vital contribution of UX and UI designers as well as backend team members and then the quality app testers which are also required. All these different people play their own decisive role in making a successful live video streaming app.

The entire cost of the development of such as an actually depends on the mobile app development company you are hiring. The cost of hiring the company and their professionals, time of development, features to be included etc. plays a key role in finding the right cost of development. An approximate figure of development of live video streaming app starts from $12,000 to $15,000. However, the final cost can be dependent on different components which are required to develop such an app. There is a cost involved with the server as well as third-party applications which isn’t included in this price.


Live video streaming app is the latest trend in the market. At present, most people like to remain connected with the things that are happening all over the world without being around their television sets, but through these wonderful apps. Also, these apps are not just a mere source of entertainment, but they also offer valuable information and helps in taking the business forward. In the years to come, the demand for these apps will certainly rise, and mobile app developers have to find new innovative methods and techniques to make things much more interesting to the end-users.

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Alex  Sam

Alex Sam


Top Chat Software for Live Streaming & Broadcasting Web & Mobile Apps

Do you Increase your Website Engagment? 

I analysed, ranked and reviewed best live video streaming chat APIs and SDKs for your web & mobile app based on client reviews and ratings. portfolio, usecases, cost, secure streaming, live chat features, cost, support, etc.

Turn your viewers into participatients with Live Streaming Chat Solutions. There are lot of Real-time chat apis & SDks Providers have in online market now. You can easily integrte and customize real time chat solutions into your new or existing live video streaming web and iOS & android applications. Below have mentioned best real time chat api & SDk Proivders.

Live video streaming chat api
Live video streaming chat apis

Here are The Most Popular Live Video Streaming Chat APIs & SDKs to be Considered for your Mobile App

1. CONTUS Fly - Real-time Messaging Platform for Live Streaming Apps & Webs

CONTUS Fly is one of the leading real time messaging software providers in the market for a decade. Their messaging platforms are completely customizable since they provide Chat APIs and SDKs to integrate real time chat feasibility on your live streaming applications irrespective of audience base. Engage your audience like a live concert, stadium like experience through digitally. Create channels for every live streaming event, sports or anything that would create buzz. Enable audience to interact with each other over voice, video chats and real-time text chats with engaging emojis. CONTUS Fly enables users to add emojis and stickers to captivate each audience and create fun.

Highlight Features of CONTUS Fly Live Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  1. Chat for Live Video Streaming
  2. Video & Audio Recording
  3. Video Calling
  4. Drawing whitebord
  5. Screen Sharing
  6. End to End Encryption

2. Apphitect -Instant chat for Live Streaming Platforms

To make every live streaming and broadcasting videos more engaging and entertaining, Apphitect’s instant messaging comes with exciting Instant messaging chat APIs to add chat into streaming applications. Apphitect is built with multiple real time communication features like video chat, voice chat and real-time chat to your streaming apps. Their solution surprisingly has a wide range of features to communicate, engage and increase subscription benefits.

Highlight Features of Apphitect Live Insterative Broadcasting Software Includes:

  1. Live Video Streaming Chat
  2. Cross Platform Support
  3. Audio & Video Recording
  4. Live Video Calling
  5. Emoji & Stickers

3. MirrorFly - Enterprise Real Time Chat for Streaming Websites

One of the enterprise-grade real-time chat solutions built to create virtual chat experience for live streaming events and websites for big brands and startups. Irrespective of audience base, category, MirrorFly provides customizable real time chat APIs to add virtual communication mediums on live streaming and broadcasting applications. Their solution comes with absolute moderation tools and open channels to talk and listen with your audience. MirrorFly’s server infrastructure has the potential to handle concurrent messages and users and to achieve maximum sales conversion.

Highlight Features of MirrorFly Live Streaming Chat API Includes:

  1. Face to Face Video Calling
  2. Live Interactive Broadcasting
  3. Call Recording
  4. Digital Whiteboard
  5. Group Video Calling

4. Applozic - Real-time Chat Plugin for Live Broadcasting & Video Streaming apps

When it comes to building a live streaming chat app software that covers the entire platforms and demand All-in-One package (features, Customization to any extent) with a one-time payment for lifetime performance, then undoubtedly Contus Fly makes the right choice to partner with. The company offers live broadcasting SDK for Android/iOS and chat APIs for customization.

Highlight Features of Applozic Chat Live Streaming Platform Includes:

  1. Real time Communication
  2. Cross Platform Support
  3. Live Audio Broadcasting
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Secure Image Sharing

5. Sendbird - Top Real time Chat for Live Video Streams

Being a leading real time chat platform provider in the market, Sendbird has its own hallmark of communication features to the world’s most prominent live streaming applications. Their real time chat solution enables broadcasting and streaming platform’ owners to create a physical equivalent digital chat experience for the audience during any live event streaming to interact, collaborate and cheer together within the same streaming screen. By creating open channels and groups, you can enable the audience to interact with each other during any streaming, engage them with polls, stickers, multiple communication channels and more.

Highlight Features of Sendbird Live Streaming Chat API Includes:

  1. Chat for Streaming website
  2. Messaging Data
  3. Multi Platforms
  4. Push Notifications
  5. End to End Encryption

6. Agora - Interactive Live Chat for Live Video Streaming

Agora, a deep integratable API available in the market to deliver live interactive streaming experience for workplace, enterprises, gaming, retail, telehealth and social live streaming websites. With easy-to-embed SDKs, Agora empowers businesses to add HD and low latency video and voice chat features into any streaming platforms and channels. Their easy-to-embed real time chat features encourage higher levels of user engagement and opportunity to drive more audience.

7. Enablex - A Redefined Communication APIs for In-app Chat

Their smart and secure chat APIs deliver real-time chat feasibility for live and on-demand video streaming websites. The real time chat features provides users to communicate and engage within the same streaming platform irrespective of interaction medium and audience count. Enablex offers platform-as-a-service communication solutions for real time messaging integration with APIs hosting possibility on public, private and cloud deployment. Their APIs are enriched with multiple communication features and engagement tools like live-polls, stickers and more.

8. Pubnub - In-app Chat Platforms for Live Event Streaming Websites

In order to increase user engagement with live and remote audiences, Pubnub offers real time messaging chat functionality with interactive features to drive event-based engagement with mass chat. Their in-app chat feature enhances live programs, event streaming and blogging content with live polling, multiple chats and more. It also enables live streaming websites to build community, channels and super groups during live streaming to bring the entire audience base to one place.

9. Vonage - Communication APIs for In-app Messagings

Vonage is a prime provider of communication APIs for major industrial sectors and enterprise workplaces. With its API, businesses such as live streaming applications can integrate in-app messaging features into any streaming platforms on Android, iOS and Web to empower user engagement. Their APIs are powered with scalable infrastructure and provide multiple communication mediums such as in-app voice, video and chat proactively engaging the audience.

10. Firekast - Live Chat Widget for Video Streaming Player

Firekast provides a customizable live chat widget with HTML code for streaming players to enable chat within any streaming or on-demand videos. The chat widget gives the ability for brands and content owners to make the audience to interact with each other for better engagement and proactivity during streaming. The Firekast Live chat comes with moderator tools that will allow administrators to delete or ban abusive content and users from the channel or groups. Firekast’s live chat comes with a private chat widget to create public or private chat rooms to make effective collaboration and discussions.

And this is all the real time chat providers in the market to implement chat functionality in any live streaming or broadcasting platforms. More than delivering entertaining live content, creating a massive engagement and buzz for every live event is the smarter way to turn every audience into a protiable subscriber. Picking up the right software provider is more important than just handling the integration process.

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Kattie  Flatley

Kattie Flatley


Gatsby and Sanity - Part 4 (Live Stream)

Gatsby and Sanity.io are a great pair for creating JAMstack projects like blogs. In these videos, I am working to migrate my Gatsby blog from using markdown files to using the Headless CMS called Sanity.io. After starting this migration, I am loving Gatsby and Sanity.io

#gatsby #sanity