How You Can Protect Your Window 10 Device on Public Wi-Fi? -

How You Can Protect Your Window 10 Device on Public Wi-Fi? -

In this digital world, it is the responsibility of the user that they should secure their device from cyber attacks. As hackers becomes very smart and attack on the user device through different techniques. It is highly recommended that you must...

In this digital world, it is the responsibility of the user that they should secure their device from cyber attacks. As hackers becomes very smart and attack on the user device through different techniques. It is highly recommended that you must install AVG antivirus in your devices via free download subscription key code as it provide complete security from external and internal threat.

Method to Protect Your Window 10 Device on Public Wi-Fi:

  • Use AVG Secure VPN:
To protect your device, you should buy AVG Secure VPN subscription. Then, you should download VPN client on your device. After this, you should install the VPN client and then launch it. Now, you should log in to your account. Then, just connect to any server which you want. This method will secure browsing on public Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off sharing and network discovery:
You should press Win Key on your keyboard and then type network. Now, you should select Network and Sharing Center. At this point, you should click on Change advanced sharing settings. Now, you should locate your current network profile. When you are using a public network, then always select the Guest or Public profiles and in the Network discovery section, you should select Turn off network discovery. In the File and printer sharing section, you should select Turn off file and printer sharing option. At last, you should click on Save changes. www avg com retail
  • Enable your firewall:
You should press Win key on your keyboard and then type firewall. After this, you should select Windows Defender Firewall from the list. Now, you should click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off button. You must ensure Turn on Windows Firewall in both Private and Public network settings sections. At the end, press OK to save changes.
  • Always Visit HTTPS:
Remember, if you are interacting with your web browser, it might be possible that hackers on the same network can interfere in your online activity. So, if you’re not using a VPN then just ensure that you’re using an encrypted connection in your browser. It is suggested that you should always prefer to visit the sites which has HTTPS, it is an extension used for security purposes. These sites will protect your information if you Sign up.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi if you’re not using it:
There are many apps and services which maintains connection in the background. So, if you’re not using Wi-Fi then just turn it off, to avoid any accidental data leaks.
  • Disable automatic Wi-Fi connections:
If you are going to any public place, then you should always keep in mind that hackers can trick you to connect to a malicious hotspot. Hence, it is advised before going to any public place which has unsecured Wi-Fi connection, you must disable the automatic Wi-Fi connection of your device.
  • Protect Your Accounts:
Hacker’s main motive is to steal your accounts like your social media, bank accounts, cloud storage etc. Hence, it is advised that you should choose a strong and uncrackable password for all your accounts. You can use a password manager to generate a complex password which should be the mixture of symbol, letter, numbers and special characters. For additional security of your account, you can also activate multi-factor authentication.

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  • Update your security software:
It is advised, if it is AVG antivirus or your operating system you should always keep it up to date. As updates protect your computer from emerging threat as it contains patches and more advanced features to secure your device from cyber attack.

With the help of above method, you can protect your Window 10 device on Public Wi-Fi. For installing AVG antivirus, you can navigate to its official site via get download with avg key code.

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