Simple Dropdown Component for React

Simple Dropdown Component for React

Simple Dropdown Component for React. React dropdown component NOW


The demo page is here. react-dropdown-now is a fork of react-dropdown.

requires React >= 16.8

import { Dropdown, Selection } from 'react-dropdown-now';
import 'react-dropdown-now/style.css';

// normal usage
  placeholder="Select an option"
  options={['one', 'two', 'three']}
  onChange={(value) => console.log('change!', value)}
  onSelect={(value) => console.log('selected!', value)} // always fires once a selection happens even if there is no change
  onClose={(closedBySelection) => console.log('closedBySelection?:', closedBySelection)}
  onOpen={() => console.log('open!')}

// use the Selection component with other components like popovers etc.
  options={['one', 'two', 'three']}
  onChange={(value) => console.log('change!', value)}

Flat Array options

const options = [
  'one', 'two', 'three'

Object Array options

const options = [
  { id: 'one', value: 'one', label: 'One', view: <span>One</span> },
  { value: 'two', label: 'Two', className: 'myOptionClassName' },
   name: 'group1',
   items: [
     { value: 'three', label: 'Three', className: 'myOptionClassName' },
     { value: 'four', label: 'Four' }
    name: 'group2',
    items: [
     { value: 'five', label: 'Five' },
     { value: 'six', label: 'Six' }

When using Object options you can add to each option:

  • a className string to further customize the dropdown, e.g. adding icons to options
  • a view node to render an isolated view in the dropdown options list which is different from what could be seen in the dropdown control (selected value)
  • an id string can be used to give an id to each option. Must be unique; even when mixing grouped options with single options. Useful for when option.value is not a string or number. Can be used with a custom matcher to determine the selected option.


<Dropdown disabled option={options} value={defaultOption} />


The default matcher will use the value prop to match against values within the options array.

custom matcher example:

const value = 'custom-id';
const options = [{ id: 'custom-id', value: 1, label: 'awesome' }];

  matcher={(item, val) => {
    // item => { id, option: {id, value, label} }
    return === val;


Classname Targets
rdn main wrapper div
rdn-control dropdown control
rdn-control-arrow dropdown arrow indicator
rdn-control-placeholder placeholder / selected item in dropdown control
rdn-drop container for dropdown options
Using custom arrows

arrowClosed, arrowOpen

The arrowClosed & arrowOpen props enable passing in custom elements for the open/closed state arrows.

  arrowClosed={<span className="arrow-closed" />}
  arrowOpen={<span className="arrow-open" />} />;

More examples in the stories folder.


v4 => v5
  • import statements have changed, please update imports.
  • added Typescript support using rollup
v3 => v4
  • removed configurable classNames placeholderClassName, arrowClassName, menuClassName and controlClassName
  • changed classNames to use className prefixing. stylesheets targeting the v3 component will need to be updated
v2 => v3
  • onChange always returns an object with aleast {value, label}
  • option.type is no longer needed to determine if the option is a group. Once the option has an items array then it is assumed to be a group.

Download Details:

Author: iambumblehead Live Demo: View The Demo Download Link: Download The Source Code Official Website: License: MIT

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