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Rupert Beatty


Teamwork: User to Team Associations with invitation System


This package supports Laravel 6 and above.     

Teamwork is the fastest and easiest method to add a User / Team association with Invites to your Laravel 6+ project.


composer require mpociot/teamwork

The Teamwork Facade will be auto discovered by Laravel automatically.


To publish Teamwork's configuration and migration files, run the vendor:publish command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mpociot\Teamwork\TeamworkServiceProvider"

This will create a teamwork.php in your config directory. The default configuration should work just fine for you, but you can take a look at it, if you want to customize the table / model names Teamwork will use.

User relation to teams

Run the migration command, to generate all tables needed for Teamwork. If your users are stored in a different table other than users be sure to modify the published migration.

php artisan migrate

After the migration, 3 new tables will be created:

  • teams — stores team records
  • team_user — stores many-to-many relations between users and teams
  • team_invites — stores pending invites for email addresses to teams

You will also notice that a new column current_team_id has been added to your users table. This column will define the Team, the user is currently assigned to.



Create a Team model inside app/Team.php using the following example:

<?php namespace App;

use Mpociot\Teamwork\TeamworkTeam;

class Team extends TeamworkTeam

The Team model has two main attributes:

  • owner_id — Reference to the User model that owns this Team.
  • name — Human readable name for the Team.

The owner_id is an optional attribute and is nullable in the database.

When extending TeamworkTeam, remember to change the team_model variable in config/teamwork.php to your new model. For instance: 'team_model' => App\Team::class


Add the UserHasTeams trait to your existing User model:

<?php namespace App;

use Mpociot\Teamwork\Traits\UserHasTeams;

class User extends Model {

    use UserHasTeams; // Add this trait to your model

This will enable the relation with Team and add the following methods teams(), ownedTeams() currentTeam(), invites(), isTeamOwner(), isOwnerOfTeam($team), attachTeam($team, $pivotData = []), detachTeam($team), attachTeams($teams), detachTeams($teams), switchTeam($team) within your User model.

Don't forget to dump composer autoload

composer dump-autoload


If you would like to use the middleware to protect to current team owner then just add the middleware provider to your app\Http\Kernel.php file.

    protected $routeMiddleware = [
        'teamowner' => \Mpociot\Teamwork\Middleware\TeamOwner::class,

Afterwards you can use the teamowner middleware in your routes file like so.

Route::get('/owner', function(){
    return "Owner of current team.";
})->middleware('auth', 'teamowner');

Now only if the authenticated user is the owner of the current team can access that route.

This middleware is aimed to protect routes where only the owner of the team can edit/create/delete that model

And you are ready to go.



The easiest way to give your new Laravel project Team abilities is by using the make:teamwork command.

php artisan make:teamwork

This command will create all views, routes and controllers to make your new project team-ready.

Out of the box, the following parts will be created for you:

  • Team listing
  • Team creation / editing / deletion
  • Invite new members to teams

Imagine it as a the make:auth command for Teamwork.

To get started, take a look at the new installed /teams route in your project.

Basic concepts

Let's start by creating two different Teams.

$team    = new Team();
$team->owner_id = User::where('username', '=', 'sebastian')->first()->getKey();
$team->name = 'My awesome team';

$myOtherCompany = new Team();
$myOtherCompany->owner_id = User::where('username', '=', 'marcel')->first()->getKey();
$myOtherCompany->name = 'My other awesome team';

Now thanks to the UserHasTeams trait, assigning the Teams to the user is super easy:

$user = User::where('username', '=', 'sebastian')->first();

// team attach alias
$user->attachTeam($team, $pivotData); // First parameter can be a Team object, array, or id

// or eloquent's original technique
$user->teams()->attach($team->id); // id only

By using the attachTeam method, if the User has no Teams assigned, the current_team_id column will automatically be set.

Get to know my team(s)

The currently assigned Team of a user can be accessed through the currentTeam relation like this:

echo "I'm currently in team: " . Auth::user()->currentTeam->name;
echo "The team owner is: " . Auth::user()->currentTeam->owner->username;

echo "I also have these teams: ";
print_r( Auth::user()->teams );

echo "I am the owner of these teams: ";
print_r( Auth::user()->ownedTeams );

echo "My team has " . Auth::user()->currentTeam->users->count() . " users.";

The Team model has access to these methods:

  • invites() — Returns a many-to-many relation to associated invitations.
  • users() — Returns a many-to-many relation with all users associated to this team.
  • owner() — Returns a one-to-one relation with the User model that owns this team.
  • hasUser(User $user) — Helper function to determine if a user is a teammember

Team owner

If you need to check if the User is a team owner (regardless of the current team) use the isTeamOwner() method on the User model.

if( Auth::user()->isTeamOwner() )
    echo "I'm a team owner. Please let me pay more.";

Additionally if you need to check if the user is the owner of a specific team, use:

$team = Auth::user()->currentTeam;
if( Auth::user()->isOwnerOfTeam( $team ) )
    echo "I'm a specific team owner. Please let me pay even more.";

The isOwnerOfTeam method also allows an array or id as team parameter.

Switching the current team

If your Users are members of multiple teams you might want to give them access to a switch team mechanic in some way.

This means that the user has one "active" team, that is currently assigned to the user. All other teams still remain attached to the relation!

Glad we have the UserHasTeams trait.

try {
    Auth::user()->switchTeam( $team_id );
    // Or remove a team association at all
    Auth::user()->switchTeam( null );
} catch( UserNotInTeamException $e )
    // Given team is not allowed for the user

Just like the isOwnerOfTeam method, switchTeam accepts a Team object, array, id or null as a parameter.

Inviting others

The best team is of no avail if you're the only team member.

To invite other users to your teams, use the Teamwork facade.

Teamwork::inviteToTeam( $email, $team, function( $invite )
    // Send email to user / let them know that they got invited

You can also send invites by providing an object with an email property like:

$user = Auth::user();

Teamwork::inviteToTeam( $user , $team, function( $invite )
    // Send email to user / let them know that they got invited

This method will create a TeamInvite model and return it in the callable third parameter.

This model has these attributes:

  • email — The email that was invited.
  • accept_token — Unique token used to accept the invite.
  • deny_token — Unique token used to deny the invite.

In addition to these attributes, the model has these relations:

  • user() — one-to-one relation using the email as a unique identifier on the User model.
  • team() — one-to-one relation return the Team, that invite was aiming for.
  • inviter() — one-to-one relation return the User, that created the invite.

Note: The inviteToTeam method will not check if the given email already has a pending invite. To check for pending invites use the hasPendingInvite method on the Teamwork facade.

Example usage:

if( !Teamwork::hasPendingInvite( $request->email, $request->team) )
    Teamwork::inviteToTeam( $request->email, $request->team, function( $invite )
                // Send email to user
} else {
    // Return error - user already invited

Accepting invites

Once you invited other users to join your team, in order to accept the invitation use the Teamwork facade once again.

$invite = Teamwork::getInviteFromAcceptToken( $request->token ); // Returns a TeamworkInvite model or null

if( $invite ) // valid token found
    Teamwork::acceptInvite( $invite );

The acceptInvite method does two thing:

  • Call attachTeam with the invite-team on the currently authenticated user.
  • Delete the invitation afterwards.

Denying invites

Just like accepting invites:

$invite = Teamwork::getInviteFromDenyToken( $request->token ); // Returns a TeamworkInvite model or null

if( $invite ) // valid token found
    Teamwork::denyInvite( $invite );

The denyInvite method is only responsible for deleting the invitation from the database.

Attaching/Detaching/Invite Events

If you need to run additional processes after attaching/detaching a team from a user or inviting a user, you can Listen for these events:




In your EventServiceProvider add your listener(s):

 * The event listener mappings for the application.
 * @var array
protected $listen = [
    \Mpociot\Teamwork\Events\UserJoinedTeam::class => [
    \Mpociot\Teamwork\Events\UserLeftTeam::class => [
    \Mpociot\Teamwork\Events\UserInvitedToTeam::class => [

The UserJoinedTeam and UserLeftTeam event exposes the User and Team's ID. In your listener, you can access them like so:


namespace App\Listeners;

use Mpociot\Teamwork\Events\UserJoinedTeam;

class YourJoinedTeamListener
     * Create the event listener.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()

     * Handle the event.
     * @param  UserJoinedTeam  $event
     * @return void
    public function handle(UserJoinedTeam $event)
        // $user = $event->getUser();
        // $teamId = $event->getTeamId();

        // Do something with the user and team ID.

The UserInvitedToTeam event contains an invite object which could be accessed like this:


namespace App\Listeners;

use Mpociot\Teamwork\Events\UserInvitedToTeam;

class YourUserInvitedToTeamListener
     * Create the event listener.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()

     * Handle the event.
     * @param  UserInvitedToTeam  $event
     * @return void
    public function handle(UserInvitedToTeam $event)
        // $user = $event->getInvite()->user;
        // $teamId = $event->getTeamId();

        // Do something with the user and team ID.

Limit Models to current Team

If your models are somehow limited to the current team you will find yourself writing this query over and over again: Model::where('team_id', auth()->user()->currentTeam->id)->get();.

To automate this process, you can let your models use the UsedByTeams trait. This trait will automatically append the current team id of the authenticated user to all queries and will also add it to a field called team_id when saving the models.


This assumes that the model has a field called team_id


use Mpociot\Teamwork\Traits\UsedByTeams;

class Task extends Model
    use UsedByTeams;

When using this trait, all queries will append WHERE team_id=CURRENT_TEAM_ID. If theres a place in your app, where you really want to retrieve all models, no matter what team they belong to, you can use the allTeams scope.


// gets all tasks for the currently active team of the authenticated user

// gets all tasks from all teams globally

Author: mpociot
Source Code: 
License: MIT license

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Teamwork: User to Team Associations with invitation System
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Chet Lubowitz


How to Install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu 20.04

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform used for Chat, Calling, Meetings, and Collaboration. Generally, it is used by companies and individuals working on projects. However, Microsoft Teams is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems available now.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu 20.04 machine. By default, Microsoft Teams package is not available in the Ubuntu default repository. However we will show you 2 methods to install Teams by downloading the Debian package from their official website, or by adding the Microsoft repository.

Install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu 20.04

1./ Install Microsoft Teams using Debian installer file

01- First, navigate to teams app downloads page and grab the Debian binary installer. You can simply obtain the URL and pull the binary using wget;

$ wget${VERSION}_amd64.deb

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Ruth  Nabimanya

Ruth Nabimanya


System Databases in SQL Server


In SSMS, we many of may noticed System Databases under the Database Folder. But how many of us knows its purpose?. In this article lets discuss about the System Databases in SQL Server.

System Database

Fig. 1 System Databases

There are five system databases, these databases are created while installing SQL Server.

  • Master
  • Model
  • MSDB
  • Tempdb
  • Resource
  • This database contains all the System level Information in SQL Server. The Information in form of Meta data.
  • Because of this master database, we are able to access the SQL Server (On premise SQL Server)
  • This database is used as a template for new databases.
  • Whenever a new database is created, initially a copy of model database is what created as new database.
  • This database is where a service called SQL Server Agent stores its data.
  • SQL server Agent is in charge of automation, which includes entities such as jobs, schedules, and alerts.
  • The Tempdb is where SQL Server stores temporary data such as work tables, sort space, row versioning information and etc.
  • User can create their own version of temporary tables and those are stored in Tempdb.
  • But this database is destroyed and recreated every time when we restart the instance of SQL Server.
  • The resource database is a hidden, read only database that holds the definitions of all system objects.
  • When we query system object in a database, they appear to reside in the sys schema of the local database, but in actually their definitions reside in the resource db.

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Maddy Bris


5Kw Solar System in Brisbane

1 August 2020, Sunny Sky solarannounced you to launch a residential solar power system in Queensland, Australia. There are different sizes of houses with different energy requirements so one solar power system cannot fulfill every type of electricity need.

Whether energy need is low or higher they have announced a wide range of solar power system in Brisbane that includes 5KW solar panel system, 6Kw solar panel system, 10Kw solar panel system, and many more so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Residential Solar Power System needs to be flexible because of the changing requirement of energy. As we know our energy needs hikes up in the summers more than winters because we use air conditioners, refrigerators (also used in winters but less than summers), fans. In winter we drop down these usages so the energy needs to go up and down according to the weather changing.

Some households have a high energy need, some have low, and mostly have the normal or average of high and low. Sunny Sky Solar offers expert’s advice to all the customers on call or personally because it is important to analyze the energy need, budget, location, and many other things before buying a solar power system for your home sweet home.

Their professionals analyze all these things and suggest you the best residential solar power system in Brisbane to reduce the energy costs and clean the environment as solar energy is green & clean energy.

At this time of announcing the residential solar panel system, the representative of Sunny Sky Solar has talked about some advantages of a residential solar power system. He said “get update yourself by the time is important because the latest technology will save you lots of money and time. The solar power system is the best technology in this era that can give you lots of benefits. Don’t get upset with the initial cost because after installing a solar power system at your house it will repay you the initial cost in two to three years. So, you are going to invest in a great deal if you are purchasing a solar panel system in Brisbane.”

He also added “Residential solar power system can save your pocket from getting loose every month for heavy electricity bills. You will earn money by producing solar energy and feeding your power supply grid as government, and mostly all the power suppliers give benefits to producing solar energy. You can easily earn money by feeding the power grid with your excess produced solar energy. You will use solar energy and save the excess by feeding the power grid this way.”

Sunny Sky Solar offering an efficient range of residential and commercial solar power system that includes 5KW solar panel system, 6.6Kw solar panel system, 10Kw solar panel system, and there are many more that you can select according to your energy needs and budget.
They provide expert assistance that will help you in choosing the best solar system for your house. Their experienced professionals work under the guidance of experts who ensures the perfections and safety at the time of installing and after the installation.

Installing a solar power system at your place will be more convenient with them because they work under the expert’s supervision that makes them perfect and faster. They ensure safety first at the time of installing because at that time family members are around the installing site and accidents can happen.

They also ensure the quality of products they used in installing and other solar products. If the products will be durable and efficient, the system will produce more electricity with higher efficiency for a longer period.
The main thing that matters while installing a solar power system at a residence is the roof situation, Sunny Sky Solar doesn’t work for doing business only. They first check the place or analyze from your information that your location is safe for installing a solar power system or not. If the find any problem they will suggest repairing it first because if you will put the solar power system at a less secure place and the solar system’s weight can damage it then repairing that place first should your main priority.
This shows their loyalty and caring behavior towards the customers.

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Secret Email System Review - Recommended or Not?

Matt Bacak’s secret email system is one of the most successful products in the WarriorPlus marketplace in recent memory. My secret email system review will not try to hard sell you on the product – I mean, it’s pretty cheap, so if you’re going to buy it, you’re going to buy it. Instead, I’ll concentrate on explaining the benefits of email marketing and how to get the most out of Matt’s system.

Nowadays, digital marketing is essential for every business. But what is the best strategy? There are many different points of view, but one thing is certain: emails are essential. Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to promote a business online, and it is simple and inexpensive to get started. The most important thing is to understand your audience and deliver content and offers that are truly relevant to them.

The PDF Download of an Honest Secret Email System Review
The front-end product
What Matt Bacak is selling, which has been promoted by such capable affiliates as Curt Maly, is a PDF ebook that you can download immediately after purchasing. However, there are a number of bonuses included to sweeten the deal. You get access to Mr. Bacak’s private Facebook group, and instead of a simple PDF download, you get a massive zip file full of useful files and videos.
Now that we know what we’re up against, let’s get into this secret email system review!

What is Included in the Secret Email System Download?
Here is a list of everything you get inside the zip file sold at the front end of the Secret Email System:

Matt Bacak’s 3x Formula Calculator (plus a video explaining how to use it)
1000 email swipe files in text format (swipe files or “swipes” are like templates you can repurpose in a variety of ways).
A 1.5-hour video session

Free access to Matt’s high-converting leadpages lead generation template
A massive book of swipe files (in PDF format)
A copy of Matt’s book, Secrets of the Internet Millionaire Mind,
A video tutorial on how to select “irresistible offers” from affiliate marketplaces.

The PDF version of The Secret Email System
The Checklist for the Secret Email System PDF
Text files containing instructions for joining the Facebook group and other bonuses
Matt was charging less than $6 for all of that value last time I checked. He is demonstrating his many years of experience in internet marketing by creating an irresistible offer that people will want to buy and affiliates will want to promote. As a result, the Secret Email System has sold more copies on Warrior Plus than any other product in recent memory.

Examine everything included in the secret email system
Who is Matt Bacak, and why should I listen to him?
Many consider Matt Bacak to be an internet marketing legend, and email marketing is his primary focus. My first encounter with Matt came in the form of some Facebook ads he ran. Matt explained who he was in the video ad (which featured a little guy dancing in the background) and invited me to visit his blog, which I did. He demonstrated a thorough understanding of online business, so it’s no surprise that he put together the ultimate email marketing package.
headshot of Matt Bacak

Overall, Matt’s ad was one of the strangest Facebook ads I’ve ever seen. It was also one of the most effective and memorable. I didn’t buy whatever Matt was selling that day, but I read his blog and remembered his name and who he was. When I saw Curt Maly running ads for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System months later, it made a big difference.

When I saw that the price was under $6 and that the bonuses were included, I knew I had to buy the product. I didn’t buy it right away because I was too busy, but it stayed in the back of my mind until I had the opportunity to do so.
If it isn’t obvious, I’ll explain: the reason you should listen to Matt Bacak is that he knows how to get inside people’s heads and stay there, both as a marketer and as a public figure.

Is the Secret Email System Training of Good Quality?
At first glance, the training does not appear to be groundbreaking, but this is because the creator is unconcerned about flashy packaging. You literally get a zip file full of stuff that most people would put on a membership website. I can see how this would irritate some people who are used to flashy ClickFunnels and Kajabi courses.

If that describes you, you’re missing out. Matt’s training isn’t flashy, but it describes a solid system that most businesses can implement in some way. As the name implies, it all revolves around building a list and emailing it on a regular basis. Did I ruin the surprise?
Front end offer and upsells from a secret email system
Bonuses from the Secret Email System (and a Bonus From Me)
I’ve already outlined everything you get in the zip file that serves as the funnel’s front-end offer. Everything else, other than the Secret Email System PDF itself, is considered a bonus, and the total value could easily be in the hundreds of dollars.

That’s why purchasing this product was such a no-brainer for me. I already knew how to write good marketing emails, but I really wanted to look inside Matt’s system.
In addition to everything else, you’ll get lifetime access to Matt’s private Facebook community. He answers questions from people here on a daily basis, and it can be a great place to learn.

The truth is that you get so much value and stuff from purchasing this product that adding another bonus is almost pointless. But I’m a bonus machine, so be prepared.
In 2020, I published my first book on email marketing, How to Build Your First Money Making Email List. You’re already getting a lot of reading material, but if you purchase Matt’s product through my link, I’ll add it to the stack. Most of the books I write sell for $27, so this just adds to the ridiculous valuation of this sub-six-dollar product.
Bonuses Bonuses for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System
Will This Product Really Help You Make Money Online?

It all depends on whether or not you use the secret email system. According to multiple sources, Matt Bacak is in charge of millions of dollars in sales for both himself and his clients. And the best thing about this guy is that he’s upfront and honest, and he puts his money where his mouth is. What I mean is that he doesn’t hold anything back in the books he writes. That is another reason he has amassed such a large and devoted fan base.

Finally, if your business can profit from email marketing or if you want to use email marketing to become an influential public figure, I believe this ebook can assist you. It helped me improve my understanding of the business side of being an affiliate marketer and is far more valuable than the price tag. This product will be especially useful if you want to get started in affiliate marketing with a small investment.

matt bacak’s business model
Going Beyond My Review – Secret Email System
The book itself goes beyond email marketing, but I don’t want to give too much away. Instead, I’ll go over some of the finer points of lead generation quickly so you can get started building your email list as soon as possible.

Now, I’m guessing that roughly 90% of people reading this review are affiliate marketers or are interested in affiliate marketing. As a result, I’m going to focus on lead generation strategies used by many successful affiliates. If you want to learn more about my favorite affiliate marketing strategies, click on that link to read my in-depth guide.

The Most Effective Methods for Building an Email List
Here’s a rundown of some of the best (and quickest) ways to build an email list. First, you’ll need a way to collect emails, and it must be a high-converting method. My favorite lead generation tools are:
ConvertBox (on-site messaging software/advanced popup builder)
ConversioBot (website chatbot platform)

You may have noticed that the majority of them are chatbots. Chatbots, on the other hand, are one of the best ways to not only capture an email address, but also to obtain additional customer information and even directly sell products.
The following are the most effective ways to drive traffic to these tools:
Facebook ads (particularly effective when paired with ConvertBox)
Google Ads and YouTube Ads (a killer combination with ConvertBox or Conversiobot)

Influencer Marketing
Facebook organic marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Secret Email System sales page Matt Bacak

If you can master even one of those traffic methods and use it to drive people to a high-converting optin or sales funnel, you’ll be well on your way to creating a recurring income.
Whether or not you choose to purchase this product through my link, I wish you the best of luck with your online business. If you do purchase the system, I hope to see you in the Facebook community! Please feel free to contact me via message or email at any time.

And if you do get the ebook through my link, please let me know so I can send you a copy of my book as a bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Secret Email System
Here are some frequently asked product-related questions.
Is the secret email system bonus worth it?

In my opinion, the front end product and the majority of the bonuses are worth the price. I would have paid more just to gain access to Matt’s Facebook group!
What are the benefits of a hidden email system?
The main benefit is that you will learn one of the highest ROI business practices (email marketing) from someone who has built a seven-figure online business.

What do you call email marketing?
Email marketing is an important component of digital marketing for many businesses. Email marketing software is frequently referred to as an autoresponder, but a good email marketing platform will have more functionality.

Is this a legitimate way to make money online?
My secret email system review says it’s a great way to make money online as long as your online business uses marketing emails. It does require a list, but Matt teaches several methods for creating one.

Visit The Officail Website

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Aditya Goswami

Aditya Goswami


How To Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

We all have been agreeing that we need to take the help of top talent to fulfill the requirements of our complex tasks at some business point. Sometimes, your in-housing team fails to match client’s requirements, or we can say market needs. At that moment, you need to take one step forward and hire dedicated software development team to match the client’s requirements and market trends. Before going ahead, take a look at the dedicated development team model.

When you are going to do a partnership with a software development company, a dedicated software development team is one method. On the other hand, fixed price and time are other models. Every model has its uniqueness, benefits, and drawbacks. Let’s talk about a dedicated development team.

When clients look for a dedicated team for software development, they want to hire a team of developers to fulfill the tasks of the complex project. That team of developers collaborates with the in-housing squad, although they work remotely. They take responsibility for the project and try to make the project successful. They dedicate themselves to match all requirements of the project in the market or the latest trends.

How To Hire Dedicated Software Development Team

Dedicated software development team - Talents

  • Backend and frontend developers
  • Project manager
  • Business analysts
  • DevOps
  • UX/UI designers
  • Quality assurance engineers

When hiring a development team is a Good Choice?

  • When you have some complex project, and the in-housing team is inexperienced.

  • When you don’t have a resource of the dedicated web development team to match the complexity of your projects.

  • When you want to take your business to the next level in terms of client satisfaction and expertise.

  • When you have multiple projects aligned with the same deadlines, a software development dedicated team is an excellent choice to go with.

  • When you don’t have enough time to hire a team of developers for your in-house.

  • When you expand your business with a dedicated software development team, they take care of your specific needs and reach out to all the possible and desired objectives.

Benefits of outsourcing a dedicated team

Because of the following reasons, you need to hire development teams for your business.

When looking for a dedicated development team for hire, you do not require to spend your valuable time hiring IT specialists individually and forming a team. You also not needed to build an infrastructure for them. They will work remotely with their resources, so there is no additional cost. They can start working on your project by the time you hire dedicated team, and there is no delay or settlement needed.

Focus on the projec

The software dedicated development team you hire does the work for only your project during the set time period. So, their full focus is solely on your project.
You can also check the work process and get updates regarding your project regularly. This collaboration takes your project to the next level and provides the best satisfaction to the clients.

Flexible approach

A dedicated development team is the best choice for large-scale projects. It gives you one benefit: if you require more developers between the projects or want to cut down your team size, you can do it. Dedicated developers are very flexible; they take any issues and react to get the best output accordingly.

Maximum effect and speed

They understand your business goals and understand the importance of matching deadlines. They keep track of work progress, so they can give you the reports of completed tasks and future outlines if you ask. You will get maximum efficiency and high speed with a dedicated team for software development.

After knowing the advantages of developers outsourcing dedicated teams, we are now going to look at how to hire dedicated software development team.

How to hire dedicated software development team?

Hire a development team for your organization is a stressful task for organizations as you need to focus on several factors. I know it is a crucial task for your organization, but stress, you do not need to think about. A few ways are available to hire a dedicated software development team for your organization, like finding them from Google organic search or B2B portals.

Narrowing down your search, and select partner through:

  • Google top 10 result
  • B2B portal (Clutch)
  • Freelance workplaces (Upwork)
  • StackOverflow
  • GitHub

How to Set-up, a dedicated software development team?

After choosing your offshore partner, now it’s time to follow the process for setting up your dedicated development team.

Well-defined business objectives are needed.

You need to explain all your business requirements, including the deadline and desired workflow you wanted, development team size, and type of expertise you require.

**Assembling the team **

Individual hiring can take one or more months, but with a dedicated team model, you bring your team to your work within one week.

Talent selection

After finding a dedicated team, selected the best-qualified team for your project with factors like expertise, efficiency, tech skill, English fluency, and other aspects of your project.

Integrating the team

After selecting the team based on your skills requirements, the group joins the project in progress quickly. Now, we can say business owners take the best step to get a business boost soon in the market.

Criteria that you need to look at while hiring a dedicated team.

With this model, you hire a development team and start working on your project like your in-housing team. For making any product successful, you must have to look for the right developers and team members. Here we will look at a few criteria you need to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated development team.

Portfolio: Take note that whether the team you are hiring is proved the portfolio or not

Reviews: Take a look at the reviews of that dedicated team.

Skillset: Make sure the dedicated team matches all the skills you require.

Language: Take note that the dedicated team has a good command of language.

Cost: Make sure the decided price is not beyond your budget.

The number of members: Based on your project deadline, decide the number of developers you require.

Wrapping Up

Being a business person, everyone wants the best for their business. No one wants their business to perform poorly and not be able to fulfill the market requirements. If your business is going in the wrong direction, it is time for you to call a dedicated team to lift your business up.

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