Laravel Carbon Macros

Laravel Carbon Macros

Laravel Carbon Macros is a handy collection of Carbon date helpers for US and Canadian holidays by Dan Soppelsa. These macros are automatically registered in Laravel projects from the package’s service provider. Excellent reminder that Carbon provides macros you can use to create more readable code around.

Laravel Carbon Macros  is a handy collection of Carbon date helper macros for Laravel projects by  Dan Soppelsa . It provides country-specific important dates for the US, Canda, Brazil, and Ukraine:

US Dates

  • isNewYearsDay
  • isMlkJrDay
  • isPresidentsDay
  • isGoodFriday
  • isEasterSunday
  • isMemorialDay
  • isIndependenceDay
  • isLaborDay
  • isColumbusDay
  • isVeteransDay
  • isAmericanThanksgiving
  • isChristmasDay
  • isNewYearsEve

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