Micronaut With Relation Database and...Tests

Micronaut With Relation Database and...Tests

This article is a Micronauts HTTP server with a relation database persistence layer. We created this focussing on the tests at the controller layer. What I will focus on this article is just an HTTP server with a relational database.

Let's Start With Coding?

What I am going to present this is to create the service based on the tests. As it would be boring to do baby steps on the article, what I have organized is based on milestones, where I am going to present the steps that has some major change.

There are three milestones, where the third one we would have the service running and returning something, based on the database.

Milestone 1 — Doing a Dummy Endpoint

Milestone 2 — Create Repository (Controller Dependency)

Milestone 3 — Add Entity Manager

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