Go Local: React/Redux App

Go Local: React/Redux App

Been a long time trying to get this to work properly. This blog post will be in-depth.

Been a long time trying to get this to work properly. This blog post will be in-depth. I created an app that allows local business owners to register for an account and post announcements for their businesses. I admit it isn’t the best looking app right now but I would like to apply more styling to it in the future and add additional features, like maybe a search functionality.

Ruby on Rails Setup

The backend API was built using Ruby on Rails. When building out an API for a front-end application there are a couple of things to do. First, you have to enter this into the command line to start up a new Rails API:

rails new your_app --api

And if you want to use a database like Postgresql, you add this to the command, that way Rails knows what database it will use for your API. You can leave it blank if you choose to use SQLite instead, which is the default database Rails typically uses.

rails new your_app --api -d=postgresql

When building out your API, there are a couple modifications to the config folder. First, in the initializers folder is your cors.rb file, you’ll have to modify it to be able to use both localhost:3000 and localhost:3001. Because your front-end is rendering information from the database, they have to be connected.

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Don’t forget your methods!

If you’re going to use Postgresql like I did, here is the main troubleshooting issue that I encountered and the solution to fix it.

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