GMAT Verbal - Sentence Correction - 50 Original | Simpliv

GMAT Verbal - Sentence Correction - 50 Original | Simpliv

At GMAT, sentence correction is a vital section which allows you to score a hell of a lot of marks, but will pull your score down if you don’t get it right. At this course, learn the art of sentence correction at GMAT through 50 original sentence correction problems set by our experts. Start preparing to score more!

The Sentence Correction part of the GMAT is an opportunity - embrace it.

Sentence corrections are the easiest section of the test to 'game'. If you know the rules, you'll score really high, if you don't you'll score really low Unlike math, reading comprehension or logical reasoning questions, sentence correction scores improve dramatically with practice The sentence correction questions have their own, very specific quirks - these make little sense if you are a non-native speaker - but if you understand these quirks and can spot them, you'll crack the test What's covered

50 high-quality sentence correction problems No grammatical gobbledygook - simple explanations you can understand Visual highlights so that you really get why alternatives are right or wrong

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