Cross-platform desktop automation library for Deno

Cross-platform desktop automation library for Deno

autopilot-deno AutoPilot is a simple cross-platform desktop automation library for Deno.

AutoPilot is a simple cross-platform desktop automation library for Deno.

NOTE: Works with Deno v1.3.0 or up.


  • Keyboard

    • Type a string using .type
    • Tap a key using .tap
    • Toggle key using .toggleKey
  • Mouse

    • Simulate mouse movement using .moveMouse
    • Click using .click
    • Simulate a scroll using .scroll
    • Get mouse position using .mousePosition
    • Get mouse position pixel color .pixelColor
  • Screen

    • Capture screen using .screenshot
    • Get screen size using .screenSize
    • Check if point out of bounds using .pointVisible
    • Get number of pixels in a point using .screenScale
    • Screen recording
  • Notifications

    • Native popup using .alert
    • Notifications using .notify
  • Monitors

    • Get the number of monitors using .getMonitors
  • Window management (only for linux)

    • Get window title using .getWindow
    • Transform windows size using .transformByIndex


Detailed documentation of the API is available at:


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libdbus-1-dev x11-xserver-utils wmctrl libxtst-dev cmake libc-dev libx11-dev libxcb1-dev


Running your Deno script with AutoPilot requires some flags

deno run --unstable -A file.ts

NOTE: Prebuilt binaries are automatically downloaded the first time you import Autopilot in your project and are cached.

import AutoPilot from '';

// create a new AutoPilot instance.
var pilot = new AutoPilot();

// type a string
pilot.type("Yay! This works");

// alert something
pilot.alert("This is a alert");

// get screen size

// move mouse
pilot.moveMouse(200, 400);

// take a full-screen screenshot

Env variables

  • CACHE: Set if you want to update the release from Github.
  • DEV: Set if you want t use the development debug builds.


  • Requires rust and cargo.
  • Requires velociraptor (script runner for Deno) - Makes life easier

Clone this repo and run cargo build to produce a development build.

  • Run tests: vr test
  • Run and produce benchmarks: vr bench
  • Format code fmt: vr fmt
  • Create development build: vr build


Contributing code and ideas to AutoPilot is really easy! Create an issue or PR. :)

Download Details:

Author: divy-work


Source Code:

deno nodejs javascript node

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