The Transient Keyword in Java

The Transient Keyword in Java

Learn about the transient keyword and see its behavior through examples

1. Introduction

In this article, we'll first understand the transient keyword, and then we'll see its behavior through examples.

2. Usage of transient

Let's first understand the serialization before moving to transient as it is used in the context of serialization.

Serialization is the process of converting an object into a byte stream, and deserialization is the opposite of it.

When we mark any variable as transient, then that variable is not serialized. Therefore, the serialization process ignores the original value of the variables and saves default values for that data type.

The transient keyword is useful in a few scenarios:

  • We can use it for derived fields
  • It is useful for fields that do not represent the state of the object
  • We use it for any non-serializable references

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