Generate Dockerfile for .NET Applications with Rider

Generate Dockerfile for .NET Applications with Rider

In this post, we’ll learn how to Generate Dockerfile for .NET Applications with Rider. We'll explore some of the enhancements coming with the latest Rider 2021.1 Early Access Program (EAP) and how these features help jumpstart the journey into containerizing applications.

The modern development stack continues to evolve, bringing along with it incredible conveniences for developers. Arguably, one of the most significant advancements has been the ability to containerize applications. The ability to define, develop, and deploy applications within a reproducible environment gives developers more confidence to deliver a quality application experience for users.

Docker has been at the forefront of the container revolution, helping developers adopt the new skill into their workflow. Containers are a great tool, regardless of the approach: whether we’re creating traditional monoliths with external dependencies, designing an infrastructure focused on microservices, or anywhere in between. .NET developers should be keeping an eye on containerization, especially as .NET takes a more cross-platform-friendly approach.

Rider developers have been hard at work bringing first-class Docker support to the .NET development stack, all in an effort to help developers stay current with their technology choices. In this post, we’ll explore some of the enhancements coming with the latest Rider 2021.1 Early Access Program (EAP) and how these features help jumpstart the journey into containerizing applications.


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