Baseboard Heater Problems and Solutions

Baseboard heaters are a convenient and economical way to neutralize the loss of warmth from windowpanes and are outstanding for heating since you can easily turn them on or and off banking on which room you’re residing in.

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Latest Technology Solution Development - WebClues Infotech

Latest IT Tech Solution Development Company

The technology in the IT sector is rapidly growing with everything in the world moving online to make users life easy with it. This development in technology has allowed critical industries to also move online with technologies like blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data Service, etc.

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WebClues Infotech with its policy to train employees with the latest technologies like Blockchain, Wearables app, Chatbot app, AI and many more is the leader in the development of those technologies. With a highly-skilled team of 120+ people there can be no better option for your development requirements in the latest techs.

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Baseboard Heater Problems and Solutions

Baseboard heaters are a convenient and economical way to neutralize the loss of warmth from windowpanes and are outstanding for heating since you can easily turn them on or and off banking on which room you’re residing in.

#baseboard heater problems

How Do I Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam? Careerera

The AWS solutions architect associate exam is one of the most difficult certification exams in the world. There are many certifications for various things such as the PMP certification and the CISSP certification, but it is the AWS solutions architect associate exam which takes the crown when it comes to difficulty.

How to Qualify an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam?

Naturally, given the difficulty of the exam many people wonder, “How Do I Pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam?” on the first attempt. This is a very valid question and, in this article, we will discuss all the ways in which one can maximize his chances of passing the AWS solutions architect associate exam in the first attempt.

Before starting we must remember one thing – the AWS platform is a beast of a platform and is vast beyond comprehension. So, for a beginner looking to take the AWS solutions architect associate exam it will not be possible to cover all the topics and services related to the AWS platform.

However, one can make one’s best attempt to cover all the core concepts and topics which are most relevant and pertinent to the AWS platform. A candidate for the AWS solutions architect associate exam in particular should keep himself updated on all the most recent advances and developments in the field of AWS.

Which services are tested most frequently on the exam?

  1. Amazon EC2 -

This service is used to create virtual machines which are offsite. It is also used to manage things such as ports, security, and storage because of its many features. It allows the users to utilize AWS’ vast computing capabilities on-demand. With a ‘scale as you grow’ philosophy the user is not trapped into an agreement in which they will have to purchase excessive resources from Amazon.
They only have to make use of as many resources as they need. The Amazon EC2 web interface allows the software developers to configure and resize the compute machines to their heart’s content with minimal friction and absolutely no confusion whatsoever. All decent AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification courses teach how to make use of this service.

  1. Amazon RDS -

The full form of Amazon RDS is Amazon Relational Database Service. It is an extremely useful service launched by Amazon. It is used by software developers to create a database with all the features of a full-fledged offline database in a matter of minutes.

The main purpose of Amazon RDS is to set up relational databases in the cloud. These databases can be set up, operated, and scaled very easily and very smoothly. Amazon provides a very seamless and slick interface which is ideal for operating the databases thus created.

The databases are very cost-effective and can be resized very easily. They provide all facilities to carry out administrative tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups. With the help of these databases, one will be able to give their applications fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility.

  1. Amazon S3 -

The full form of Amazon S3 is Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is a service which provides a lot of expediency to software developers in the matter of storage. Software developers can create objects through programming and they can then store those objects which they have coded into the Amazon S3 service.

This service is responsible in a large part for having made AWS the leading cloud services provider in the world. Truly Jeff Bezos must have been inspired by a divine vision when he conceived of this service. This service leads the industry in terms of scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

How difficult is the AWS solutions architect associate exam?

As we have mentioned before, the AWS platform is vast beyond comprehension. It contains multitudes of services and all of them have their own various configuration options and switches. This means that for a candidate who is just starting his journey of becoming a AWS certified solution architect associate it is not possible to master the whole platform immediately.

It will take many years and a lot of practical and hands-on experience before he is able to do so. But the AWS solutions architect associate exam has a very extensive syllabus and is thus prohibitively difficult for the candidates. Its syllabus contains the following domains of knowledge -

• Design Resilient Architectures - 34%
• Define Performant Architecture – 24%
• Specify Secure Applications and Architectures – 24%
• Design Cost-Optimized Architectures – 10%
• Define Operationally Excellent Architectures – 8%

Some tips which will help to clear the exam -

  1. Read as many AWS whitepapers as possible -

The AWS whitepapers explain many core concepts of the AWS platform in very technical, precise, and accurate language. For a candidate preparing for the AWS solutions architect associate exam, it is very beneficial to read the whitepapers as they will illuminate many technical and hard to grasp concepts of the AWS platform in a detailed and scientific way.

  1. Make use of the process of elimination for multiple correct answers -

On the AWS solutions architect associate exam there will be many questions which will have multiple options. For those questions the candidate should first try to identify and eliminate the incorrect options so that they have to contemplate a fewer number of options while trying to find the correct answer.

  1. Try to spot questions which have hints and details about other questions -

Many times, there will be questions on the exam which will contain hints and details pertinent to other questions on the exam. So, the candidate should keep a weather eye out for such questions and read all questions carefully with this aspect of the exam kept in mind firmly. This trick is taught in many AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification courses.

  1. Take an AWS solution architect associate course -

The best way to pass the AWS solutions architect associate exam is to take an AWS solution architect associate course. This will help the candidate because they will be studying under the guidance of seasoned and experienced instructors who will be able to bring their world-class teaching skills and subject matter expertise to bear to make the learners fully prepared for the exam.

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How to do Problem Solving as a Developer

In this video, I will be talking about problem-solving as a developer.

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Marketplace Problems and their Solutions in 2021

Ecommerce marketplaces enable sellers to quickly reach a large number of customers without spending huge sums of money. They can start selling on the marketplace and save the cost of developing their own ecommerce website. While web application development services can build an ecommerce store for them, marketplace platforms allow them to do so on their own.

Amazon is a prime example of an eCommerce marketplace. It allows sellers to register online and start selling their products. Marketplace takes care of the branding, promotion, shipping, and support. Sellers can just list down the products and then start selling. However, there are several marketplace problems that they usually face while reaching more customers.

This article will highlight some of the marketplace problems and challenges that online sellers face. We will also focus on marketplace model challenges that come during the development process. Continue reading to learn more about these marketplace issues and how to solve them.

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Marketplace Problems and Challenges in 2021

93% of online consumers shopped on a marketplace in 2019. This number is increasing every day. Today, most people have purchased a product on Amazon. While marketplace business ideas are a good one to pursue for a specific niche, it has its own set of limitations.

Here are a few of the common marketplace problems in 2021 and their solutions -

1. Choosing the Wrong Development Platform

When hiring an ecommerce website development company for their marketplace, sellers often select the wrong platform. One should understand that a single solution doesn’t fulfill the needs of everyone.

There are multiple options to choose from. Companies can opt for open-source solutions for building their marketplace like Amazon. By adding the right plugins and features, the marketplace platform will be ready within weeks.

Another option is to subscribe to a SaaS solution. By paying a fee for the services, the marketplace platform will be ready within a few weeks. White-label solution is another option that gives access to the source code and gets the marketplace ready by adding some features and themes.

2. Focusing on Buyers or Sellers

One of the biggest marketplace model challenges is too much focus on attracting a single stakeholder. Sellers are essential because without their presence, no one would be available to purchase. On the other hand, buyers will lead to the success of the eCommerce platform.

Attracting sellers can be done by rewards and perks. Attracting buyers can be done by offering them coupons and discounts for early registration. However, companies can lose on one if they are too focused on the other.

With the right strategy, companies can attract both buyers and sellers for their marketplace. Sellers can act as unique buyers and support each other. The focus should be to get buyers and sellers simultaneously for maximum success.

3. Poor Promotion

Another marketplace issue that arises is low-branding and poor promotion of the platform. Without the right amount of awareness, the eCommerce marketplace will not be recognized by any seller or buyer in the first place.

Marketplaces are tricky to promote. Companies need to focus both on the B2C and B2B aspects of the marketplace business idea. There are multiple ways to improve marketing by doing activities that can align with the company’s objective.

Starting with SEO is essential. Marketplace problems for consumers are much likely to occur from low promotion. By providing the right content and using keywords, SEO can help become the marketplace a success. Social media marketing and partnering with other brands is also an important aspect of building a good identity for the marketplace.

4. Poor User Experience

The biggest marketplace problem any company could face is a poor user experience. The outcome of this is a high cart abandonment rate. Without the right elements in place, the buyers and sellers will not show any interest in the marketplace platform.

The marketplace growth depends on how many stakeholders register on the platform. There needs to be a simple checkout process. One-click checkout is the most simple way to attract most customers in the marketplace.

Adding multiple payment options is another way to improve the user experience. Even sellers would want to have different ways through which more users can make purchases. Apart from that, the marketplace design and element structure must be right to ensure that more customers are attracted to the website.

5. Low Retention Rate

Another of the major challenges of an online marketplace is a low retention rate. While companies focus on attracting new customers, they fail to retain their existing clientele. There is some or the other problem that arises while keeping existing sellers and buyers.

Starting with a subscription-based model for sellers is a good step, to begin with. Subscriptions may increase the profit and also ensure that the clients don’t leave before their time period is over. Another way is to offer customer loyalty programs for frequent buyers.

The best way to increase the retention rate for any marketplace business idea is to personalize the customer experience. Companies need to conduct customer surveys and identify the real needs of both buyers and sellers. After that, they can focus on providing personal recommendations for different products.

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Avoid the Biggest Marketplace Problems in 2021

Custom web application development for a marketplace doesn’t come easy. There are a lot of marketplace challenges that companies have to overcome. However, the biggest ones require careful knowledge and considerations.

BoTree Technologies offers custom marketplace solutions to companies. We can build high-quality eCommerce marketplaces that can attract sellers and buyers without much hassle. Our expert developers can add features and avoid the common mistakes that companies make with any marketplace business idea.

Contact us today and get your FREE CONSULTATION for an Online Marketplace App.

Originally published at on April 19, 2021.

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