35 Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers [2020]

35 Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers [2020]

Do you feel uncomfortable, maybe unprepared, or lost in the darkness to what you can expect from the interviewer? This full scrum interview guide is for you.

From the desk of a brilliant weirdo #1:

Are your hand shivering and pouring yourself with sweat right before your scrum master interview?

Do you feel quite uncomfortable, maybe unprepared, or maybe even lost in the darkness to what you can expect from the interviewer?

I’ve gone through some of the most common scrum interview questions and provided answers as well.

Big credits to Stefan Wolper, an agile coach, and his ebook about Scrum Masters.

Without further ado:

Scrum Master Role & Responsibilities (Overview) It’s the Scrum Master’s responsibility to bring the development team on the same page by teaching them all the values and principles that fundamentally shape Scrum and, respectively, Agile.

The Scrum Master’s role revolves around helping and guiding the scrum team rather than managing it. He is also responsible for keeping the project-related stakeholders in the loop as well.

One of the Scrum Master’s primary responsibilities is to ensure a distraction-free environment for his team. The Scrum Master also participates in creating the product backlog helping the PO (product owner) prioritize tasks by importance.

And he is the one ultimately responsible for imbuing the organization with the Scrum values & principles by communicating with other scrum masters, stakeholders, etc.

So, if you are determined to follow a Scrum Master career path, earn the respective salary of a certified scrum master, and qualify for tons of scrum master interviews with the help of your brilliant scrum master resume, then this article can get you prepared for your first or next interview.

Now, before we dive in, here are a couple of…

Things (+ Tips) To Know Before The Scrum Master Interview The questions you will encounter during a scrum master interview can vary widely based on the interviewer's company and its values.

You might get asked kinds of questions about indifferent team members, keeping stakeholders in the loop, agile metrics, the barebones of scrum, and more. We’ll pretty much cover everything from exam-like, SDLC, and behavioral to more advanced technical and testing-related interview questions.

Of course, your experience will impact the interview process, as well. Senior scrum masters will get asked questions that an entry-level scrum master wouldn’t stumble upon until later in their career.

Also, regardless of your experience as a scrum master, you should always display curiosity and excitement in front of your interviewer. Tell the interviewer about your background and experience as a scrum master. Share what excites you (and what you think makes you a good fit) about the job position you are applying for. It will, without a doubt, boost your chances of getting hired.

Alrighty, let’s get you prepared for your scrum master interview...

Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers [Agile & Scrum-Related] Explain to me the Agile mindset in your own terms? If you can’t answer this question on your own then it’s best to go over the Agile Manifesto a couple of times.

How can you say that Agile is working in your organization? When the products you deliver to the end-user result in higher customer retention rates, upsells, and more customer acquisition. When the team genuinely feels happy, it can be considered that you are doing alright. There are no team members complaining about work environments. Nobody is leaving (or getting fired) the team.

Lots of submitted job applications can also be considered as a metric for a well-performing Agile organization.

If there aren’t piles of technical debt, bugs aren’t present, and there’s less time spent on maintenance, you can say that Agile is going well in your company.

What is the difference between Agile and Scrum (another newbie question)? If you still struggle with explaining in simple terms, here’s a more straightforward definition that can make things easier for you: Agile is a philosophy. Scrum is a framework and subset of Agile.

Agile describes a set of ideals and values. In contrast, Scrum gives you principles through which you can make your project management easier.

What’s your criticism of Scrum? This can be quite an interesting question as it’s quite unusual. It shows your point of view and rationalization process to a degree. That’s something you should personally answer without having someone else tell you the “correct” answer. Some developers consider the daily scrums to be a waste of time to a certain degree. Others believe that sprints can be managed better allocating more time to fixing the technical debt.

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