End-to-End Testing in Agile: All You Need to Know

End-to-End Testing in Agile: All You Need to Know

The aim of end-to-end testing is to ensure that the system and the usable flow are fully integrated. As a result, when evaluating any application, it's important to remember that the user interface or presentation layer isn't the only thing to pay attention to; the underlying data, procedures, and logic that drive the app's actions must also be tested.

E2E testing mainly serves two purposes:

  1. To test the entire application for major business components such as communicating with the other systems, interfaces, databases, networks, and other applications.
  2. To create a complete production-like scenario and test happy flow, so that we can simulate real-time settings and environment and avoid any application crash.

Why Do We Need End-to-End Testing in Agile?

In each sprint, both the dev and test teams focus on a single service out of all the integrated services used in an application. But there are chances that they missed out on the sub-systems or services that could potentially break.

Therefore, the QA team must make sure that specific changes in a single service don’t affect the entire workflow.

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