Build a Customized E-learning Solution: Everything You Need to Know


The Digital era is bringing change every walk of life. Learning is not just confined to the classroom anymore. With multiple portals and websites offering distance education, the shift from traditional classroom education towards online education is huge. The recent outbreak of pandemic has resulted in pushing more numbers of students to take up online education. Parents do feel that their children can learn multiple courses, pick a course of their choice, and from any online learning platform fitting in their budget.

A Snippet on the E-Learning Platform

Real-time Online learning or E-Learning is an integrated set of interactive online services on a dedicated platform with trainers, learners, and others involved in education with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

In simpler terms, a learning environment that uses information and communication technologies as a platform for teaching and learning activities.

Three primary Applications of E-Learning:

1. Corporate E-Learning

A large number of companies are incorporating E-Learning programs & modules to train their employees. Given the present situation of Work from Home, we can see a rapid increase in the corporate training program via various E-Learning platforms.

2. Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s)

Schools and Universities are broadening up the Virtual Learning Environment alongside the managed learning environment to cope with the changing times.

3. Online Education Portals

Many institutes have taken up developing online education and adopted pure e-Learning modules for their courses and curriculum. In today’s scenario, the E-Learning platform opens the doors of limitless knowledge-sharing.

The Scalable Potential of E-Learning Platform

In the digitalization era, e-Learning is a boon and plays a vital role in the overall development.

The E-Learning platform enables learning with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and internet access at any time from anywhere. The two most important features in the e-Learning platform are access to study material and online assessment.

Many Institutes are finding it easier to adapt their curriculum into e-Learning platforms. The interactive voice-video aided material is making e-Learning more value-driven.

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 Build a Customized E-learning Solution: Everything You Need to Know

E-Learning App Development: Types, Cost & Features

The growth of the online modes for students has increased since the pandemic. This growth has been possible with the help of E-learning software systems. This software has shown a future with more opportunities, even in this pandemic. This market will grow to a high of 350 billion dollars by 2025. Due to this pandemic, most education organizations have shifted to online modes. So, naturally, this means the need for E-learning software systems will grow. So, do you have a complete idea for your E-learning applications and are planning to develop one for your organization? E-learning product development is not a very difficult process to handle. To make the process easier for you, we have added the types of e-learning apps, its features, benefits, development cost and much more in this blog. To read more click on the link.

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E-learning Software Services - SISGAIN

SISGAIN is one of the top e-Learning software companies in New York, USA. Develop Education Technology based, mobile application for e-learning from SISGAIN. We Develop User Friendly Education App and Provide e-learning web portals development Service. Get Free Quote, Instant Support & End to End Solution. SISGAIN has been developing educational software and provides e-learning application development services for US & UK clients. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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How to build an Elearning app or website like Coursera?

E-learning Platforms like Coursera has come to the rescue of College undergraduates as it offers an e-learning platform for students to learn from the worlds renowned universities from home in this time of Covid-19

Want to develop an e-learning solution like Coursera?

WebClues Infotech has helped entrepreneurs in the past by developing e-learning solutions for them and take advantage of this demand. A highly skilled development team and the knowledge of the latest technologies have helped WebClues Infotech develop a high-performing e-learning solution.

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e-learning Web-Based Training Software - SISGAIN

SISGAIN is the best elearning software development service provider for your business in Texas, USA. We offer the most significant level of eLearning, content administration, and internet preparation. The e-learning web based software helps associations, all things considered, to pick, create and execute e-learning product development services to drive workers’ presentation and improve authoritative results through advanced instruction. Our corporate clients get easy to use and natural inward preparing and expert advancement of mobile applications for e-learning, external-facing e-learning web portals for partners learning entrances for accomplices and customers. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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How to build an learning app like BYJU's| Cost to build app like BYJU's?

Due to schools & Colleges being closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the need for e-learning platforms like Byju’s has seen a rapid rise among school students. The rise is so fast that in just 3 months from the beginning of lockdowns its user base increased by twice.

Want to help school students learn with creative methods from an e-learning app?
WebClues Infotech is there for you to bring your vision to reality with its highly skilled e-learning App Development team. With past experience in developing different types of e-learning solutions like AshAce Papers, EduPlay Cloud, Squared, and many more, WebClues Infotech is fully equipped to develop an e-learning app development solution based on your need

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