React Tesseract OCR Tutorial

React Tesseract OCR Tutorial

In today’s React Tesseract OCR tutorial, I’ll walk you through a React application that you can upload your images in various formats and can apply OCR to extract text content so easily. So if you are ready let’s jump into the application right away.

Given the current state of web technologies and the power of web applications overall, many formerly challenging and computationally intensive tasks are now available to run on browsers easier than ever. OCR(Optical Character Recognition) is one of the tasks that we could consider in that category. It’s extremely demanding when it comes to computing power, it takes lots and lots of hours to end up with good results, and existing solutions mostly offers more than 1 individual’s life long work. Luckily some of the very powerful examples of that mentioned solutions are now highly reachable and truly easy to use.

But why would we want to use OCR on a browser? Well there could be many reasons for such a need to be born, for example, OCR is a perfect fit when you want to extract text from a scanned document using on a browser can be really beneficial, or when we want to automatize the process of the detection of unwanted behavior that is hidden in a text OCR is again a goto choice, or maybe for something simpler we are frustrated to see screenshots of the IBAN numbers that could be sent for many reasons to help ourselves in such a situation OCR can be a quite practical helper. As you can see the use cases can vary and it’s possible to add pages and pages of ideas here in one sit.


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