Sean  Doyle

Sean Doyle


A Deeper Dive into IoT - Office Hours

This session is part of a month-long series.
#JulyOT is back for 2021! Throughout the month of July, the IoT Cloud Advocacy team will be sharing content and events put together by IoT enthusiasts from around the world. This includes content from community members, Microsoft employees, and could even involve you! For every working day in July, we’ll focus on a featured content piece from our curated collection at the IoT Tech Community. We hope to inspire curious minds to pursue their own Internet of Things journey. Get more info here:

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As a follow up to what was covered in the last ‘Introduction to dev kit hardware’ session, join Jim for an open office hour where you can ask questions relating to the material that has been covered in the series so far, getting explanations of the concepts taught, diving deeper into theory or practice, or getting troubleshooting help on your IoT journey.

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A Deeper Dive into IoT  - Office Hours