MySQL before insert trigger that drops insert if condition

MySQL before insert trigger that drops insert if condition

I have the following tables:

I have the following tables:


|    id     | sld_name  |  
|     1     |  google   |  
|     2     |  github   |


|    id     | path_name  |  sld_id  |   
|    101    |  /cats/    |    1     |
|    102    |  /dogs/    |    2     |

Note that the sld_name is a unique index, and sld_id is the foreign key of slds.

INSERT IGNORE INTO paths (path_name, sld_id)
VALUES ('/dogs/', 1), ('/dogs/', 2) ... this can be hundreds of rows long

When the example above happens, I need a way to remove/prevent the insert of the additional ('/dogs/', 2) row, since that path already exists where sld_id=2, and not prevent the ('/dogs/', 1) row, since sld_id=1 doesn't have a /dogs/ path yet.

To implement this, I tried using this trigger:

delimiter $$
create trigger after_insert_paths
after insert on paths 
for each row begin
declare path_check INT;

set path_check := ( select sld_id from paths where path_name=new.path_name and sld_id=new.sld_id ); if path_check is not null then set new.path_name = null; end if;

end $$ delimiter ;

All this did was prevent inserts from happening at all.

Is there something specific that is wrong with the trigger? or does this strategy not work in general?

Is there a better approach to this that I'm missing?

Any advice would really be appreciated! :)

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