How to Open a Progressive Web App on Startup

How to Open a Progressive Web App on Startup

Edge & Chrome have added the ability to designate a PWA to open on startup or when you reboot the computer. Many applications provide the option of opening on startup.

Many applications provide the option of opening on startup. This is a feature of the operating system. You can designate any application to start when the machine boots.

For many, having a set of productivity applications automatically opening is a productivity feature. It saves them from having to open each application one by one.

Often businesses will create images and global policies to designate these open on boot applications as well.

This feature has been limited to applications and not websites.

This is changing with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome introducing the ability to designate an installed progressive web application (PWA) to open on startup.

The PWA on startup feature is available on Windows and version 85 of Chrome OS. So this will be a feature of both popular desktop platforms.

I am particularly happy to see the feature available to Chrome OS because I am an advocate of a browser based operating system. The more PWAs are promoted on Chrome OS the better.

For now this feature requires enabling in the Canary versions of Edge and Chrome. It is not enabled by default, even in this early channel.

You need to open either edge://flags or chrome://flags then search for PWA run on OS start or some variation. You should be able to find the flag by searching for PWA.

From there you can enable the feature.

This will require the browser be restarted before you see this option. You will also need to reboot the machine to launch any enabled PWAs.

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