Azure Automation: Automate data loading from email attachments using Azure Logic Apps

Azure Automation: Automate data loading from email attachments using Azure Logic Apps

This article will describe the process to automate data loading from email attachments into Azure SQL Database using Azure Logic Apps.

This article will explore Azure automation for automatic data loading into Azure SQL Databases using the Azure Logic App.


Suppose you have an Azure SQL Database for product catalog for your online shopping portal. You receive a CSV file in a specific mailbox and format for various products. You require to import data from these CSV files into Azure SQL Database.

In the following high-level diagram, we can visualize the overall process. In this process, you can use the following steps to achieve the requirements.

  • Manually extract the attachment from the email and save it to a local directory
  • Browse to the Azure portal, navigate to the storage account container and upload the file into the INPUT folder
  • Import data into Azure SQL Database tables

If we do this task manually, it might be a cumbersome process to execute daily. Therefore, you can look for automation using various ways.

  • You can use ETL packages using the SQL Server Integration Services
  • Azure Data factory

However, in these cases, it is a slightly complicated process to extract attachment from the email (on email arrival) and save it to the storage container automatically.

In the article, Automatic Scale up and down Azure SQL database with Logic Apps, we explored azure logic apps usage for automatically scaling resources for your azure databases.

We will cover the solution in a series of two articles. We will learn how you can use Azure Logic Apps for simulating the problem we defined earlier.

In this first part, we will implement the following things:

  • Azure Logic apps to read an email, get its attachment
  • Save the attachment into the Azure Storage container blob
  • Send email confirmation once the attachment is uploaded to the Azure container

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