Everything You Must know about Brain-Machine Interface

Everything You Must know about Brain-Machine Interface

Everything You Must know about Brain-Machine Interface. While Elon Musk is getting the world ready with his Neuralink, BCI, or Brain computer interface, is on the verge of bringing major transformations in how human brain thinks and helps them.

The future in a dystopian world has always been alluring to humans. Movies and sci-fi novels have made us fantasize about a tomorrow inundated with humanoid robots, immersive gadgets that helps frees us from menial and rote tasks while we focus on things that require our attention or simply relax. Brain-computer interface (BCI) or brain-machine interface (BMI) is one such technology. Thanks to hype around Neuralink by Elon Musk, tech enthusiasts are anticipating brain implants that will allow everybody to control computers with their minds. Elon Musk says that this kind of chips has more potential than reading and controlling thoughts. This can solve many medical conditions — including paralysis, anxiety, and addiction.

BCI chips acquire brain signals, analyze them, and translate them into commands relayed to output devices that carry out desired actions. It does not use normal neuromuscular output pathways. It is often used as assisted living devices for individuals with motor or sensory impairments or neuromuscular disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, or spinal cord injury. Basically, the brain-computer interface results from the amalgamation of technologies from the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, and neurosurgery.

These BCI devices are of two types, viz., Non-invasive BCI and Invasive BCI. Non-invasive BCI tools use sensors applied on or near the head to track and record brain activity. These ones can be placed and removed easily, but their signals may be muffled and imprecise. However, Invasive BCI requires surgery as they are to be implanted beneath the skull, directly into the brain, to target specific sets of neurons. Unlike the non-invasive BMI tools, these provide a much clearer and more accurate signal between the brain and the device.

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