Here’s Why Deno Didn’t Take Off

Here’s Why Deno Didn’t Take Off

Deno looked like it had all the ingredients for success. It had a massive following, a solid batch of features, an experienced creator, and more, but it didn’t really have the growth everyone expected. Why is that?

Deno is a Javascript / TypeScript runtime looking to take the place of Node.js as the status quo. It boasts a wide slew of features and has a lot of hype around the project with almost 68,000 stars on Github:

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With so many great features, the question to ask is:

Why didn’t Deno take off when it released it’s official version 1.0?

This article looks to dive into that question…

So, what’s Deno?

Deno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime created by Ryan Dahl (who’s also the original creator of Node.js). It was created to fix some of the oversights made when first designing Node.js back in 2009. In my opinion this motivation makes a lot of sense because I’m sure every programmer would love to get a chance to rewrite their 10 year old code.

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