The History of the Internet: Pioneers, Milestones, and References

The History of the Internet: Pioneers, Milestones, and References

Tim Berners Lee invented the web, and Vint Cerf invented the internet. Many relevant milestones happened during this decade. ... From 1993 to 1994, the World Wide Web had gained a dominant market share. Mosaic was the first web browser to allow web pages to include both graphics and text.

In 2019, the Internet turned 50 years old. This article is about their history explained through “Designing an internet” book (David D. Clark, [MIT Press_]( and several online references._

The 1960s. The basics of the Internet. Invention and vision.

The first thing we should dive into is the packet switching method. “Packet switching is a digital network transmission process in which data is broken into suitably-sized pieces or blocks for fast and efficient transfer via different network devices.”

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Packet Switching Definition. Scheme by

To get more about this concept, watch the following video by Udacity and GeorgiaTech or read this accurate definition from Techopedia.

The internet pioneers

There is always someone behind an invention or vision. In the internet history, we ought to mention three principal inventors, three computer scientist pioneers, Paul Baran, Donald Davies, and Leonard Kleinrock.

Paul Baran

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Paul Baran presents his work at a RAND Alumni Association event on July 25, 2009. Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation.

Baran took on the task of designing a robust communications network using redundancy and technology to provide launch control over nuclear missiles. As Rand Corporation highlighted in their website, “Baran envisioned a network of unmanned nodes that would act as switches, routing information from one node to another to their final destinations. The nodes would use a scheme he called distributed communications.”

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That ideal world is one where there is widespread support for an open Internet that ensures that publicly available information is equally transmittable from - and accessible to - all people and businesses.

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