Using the Strava API and Pandas to Explore your Activity Data

Using the Strava API and Pandas to Explore your Activity Data

How to download and analyze your Strava activities using Strava’s API and Pandas. This tutorial was immensely helpful in regards to showing me how to access the data

Using the Strava API to analyze your activities. I started using Strava last summer to track my runs and bike rides. I noticed that the app offered advanced analytics on my activities, but only if I paid to upgrade. I don’t like paying for things. So, instead, I found their API, got my data, and did some analysis on my own. If you’re reading this, you might be interested in doing something similar. I’m here to help you do it. During this project, I found a lot of great resources scattered around the internet, but no unified guide. So I wanted to share a little bit of what I learned to help make it easier for others. I’ll break this into two parts by first showing how I used the Stava API to get my data. Then, I’ll show how I explored that data using Python, or more specifically, Pandas. While this article is focused specifically on Strava, it will be useful for anyone interesting in learning more about how to grab data from public API’s and play with it.

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