5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10

5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10

5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity on Windows 10. Microsoft has done a great job of improving the user experience and building an active ecosystem for developers

Microsoft has made great efforts to improve the user experience and build an active ecosystem for developers. Moreover, Microsoft has completely embraced open source in recent years. There are so many awesome open source projects developed by Microsoft.

After eight years of daily work on a Mac, I recently switched to Windows 10. My previous impression was that Windows was not developer-friendly and efficient compared to Mac.

But I don’t miss my Mac and may get some shiny development experience on Windows 10. Within two weeks of exploration, I found the following five tools that can greatly improve my productivity.

1. PowerToy

PowerToy is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. It’s open source! There is a total of eight small utilities in PowerToy. Explore them yourself!

To improve productivity, I suggest these two utilities.

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