Flutter vs React Native: Which is the Best Choice for 2021?

Flutter vs React Native: Which is the Best Choice for 2021?

Flutter vs React Native: Which is the Best Choice for 2021? | Exceed Team Tech Blog

Planning to go responsive in 2021? But not sure which technology you should choose to get your application quickly developed and that too at a reduced cost? If yes will be your answer to both the questions then you will be left with two major options Flutter or React Native!

But again, which is the best choice of technology for cross-platform app development will remain a burgeoning question to you!

While there is a huge amount of information available on the internet that may explain to you the basics, pros and cons of each technology. But how will you compare all those pros and cons on the same note to decide which is the best choice of technology that matches your app development needs?

A big problem!

With an experience of working with both of these technologies, I can help you draw a line between these two most popular and used technologies to build cross-platform mobile applications.

It’s 2021 and the impact of the pandemic has caused the surging demand for mobile apps.

“According to the survey reports, the mobile apps have generated $581.9 billion revenue and expected to generate $935 billion in by 2023.”

With this statistical analytics, businesses from all verticals are carving out space for themselves in the mobile phones of the users.

The urgency among businesses to create a quick mobile app in order to cater the comprehensive and customized solution to the individual customer has pushed them to look for cross-platform app development solutions. But, Why not native iOS and Android apps?

Since native apps are quite time-consuming and cost-intensive to develop, therefore the concept of cross-platform app development has gained momentum in recent years and the demand for cross-platform app development companies has been increased. And Flutter/React native has outshined as the community’s favourite buzzword over the last few years.

Cross-platform applications are faster to develop as it uses the same codebase for creating applications that can seamlessly run on multiple platforms. But different cross-platform app development frameworks offer a different set of features and benefits. So, leveraging my experience in app development with Flutter and React Native, I’ve tried to compare these leading technologies or frameworks on common notes to help you understand what option will suit your needs under what situation.

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