Build A React Pomodoro App With Material-UI And TailwindCSS

Build A React Pomodoro App With Material-UI And TailwindCSS

Learn build A React Pomodoro App With Material-UI And TailwindCSS. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Use Material Components and TailwindCSS In Your React Web App.

In this article, we’ll be building a Pomodoro Timer in React that uses components from Material-UI. Additionally, we’ll be using the TailwindCSS library to not only make our app look better, but also to make the website design responsive, that is, to make our web app look better on both large and mobile screens.

By the end of this tutorial, our app will look like this on both desktop and mobile devices:

(Left to right): Website on desktop and mobile devices

Before getting started, let’s first discuss the function of a conventional Pomodoro timer.


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