Deploying AWS Lambda functions using AWS CloudFormation

Deploying AWS Lambda functions using AWS CloudFormation

In this tutorial, I present a simple dependency-free starter kit which uses CloudFormation to help you manage NodeJS Lambda functions

The idea behind AWS Lambda is great — no servers or software to manage sounds very attractive to me as a developer. But it turned out that managing Lambda functions is not trivial as well. Apart from many new concepts and tools provided by AWS, there are several 3rd-party tools built to help you deal with AWS Lambda. Those tools require you to learn many new concepts and interfaces which may be tough for a beginner. Therefore, I created a starter kit project which will help you to start using NodeJS Lambda functions and learning the AWS Lambda stack.

The starter kit uses the official AWS CLI and CloudFormation to manage Lambda resources. No other dependencies are required. The starter kit glues various AWS CLI commands via several very basic shell scripts so it is easy to learn and change. Additionally, the starter kit unlike many other projects out there is using YAML for writing CloudFormation templates so that templates become much easier to read.

aws lambda nodejs cloudformation yaml

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