How long does it take to develop/build an app?

This article covers A-Z about the mobile and web app development process and answers your question on how long does it take to develop/build an app.

Developer Career Path: To Become a Team Lead or Stay a Developer?

For a developer, becoming a team leader can be a trap or open up opportunities for creating software. Two years ago, when I was a developer, ... by Oleg Sklyarov, Fullstack Developer at Skyeng company

Blast Off with Blazor: Prerender a Blazor WebAssembly Application

In this post, we speed up initial load time by prerendering our Blazor Web Assembly application. We need to discuss how to mitigate the biggest drawback of using Blazor WebAssembly: the initial load time. While the WebAssembly solution allows us to enjoy a serverless deployment scenario and fast interactions, the initial download can take awhile. Users need to sit around while the browser downloads the .NET runtime and all your project’s DLLs.

Call POST API ASP NET Core Blazor | Blazor CRUD using API Part-1

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Blazor : Calling REST API ASP NET Core Blazor | WEB API

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