Mastering TypeScript’s Mapped Types

Mastering TypeScript’s Mapped Types

Learn how to handle Typescript mapped types like a pro

Learn to handle Typescript mapped types like a pro

Typescript mapped types represented by a map and a compass

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TypeScript first appeared in October 2012, and it was one of those tools that at first I didn’t like. Personally, I didn’t see the need for it. It looked like it was killing the JavaScript spirit by trying to type everything. I was not the only one, and furthermore, it was introduced by the “evil” Microsoft. Of course, mapped types were not part of the first release — we would have to wait some time for them.

Mapped types first version arrived in TypeScript 2.1, which was released nearly four years after the first release.

I can confidently say that this feature is the one that really got me hooked. It drew my attention and made me try and experiment with it. Something that did add to my interest is that back then I was already using  Visual Studio Code. That IDE was already shipping with TypeScript support built-in. The fact that Microsoft nailed it with Visual Studio Code made TypeScript adoption easier.

Looking at Google Trends, we can see how interest started to grow in 2015 (Visual Studio Code release date) and then really took off in 2016. Mapped types and Angular 2 were released in 2016, which should account for that growth.

Google Trends chart showing the growth in interest in Visual Studio Code from 2012 to 2020

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