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Lyda White


How to Image Uploader with Preview || Html CSS JavaScript

Image Uploader with Preview || Html CSS JavaScript || #html #css #javascript #coding

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code savvy

code savvy


Product landing page using HTML CSS & JavaScript | web design


This video is about the product landing page using HTML CSS And JavaScript, in which we created a simple product landing page using HTML CSS and in order to perform  those powerful animations we use the GSAP a JavaScript animation library for work done.

In this video we broadly cover the concepts of CSS Flex box and CSS Grid system and Some CSS Properties such as nth child selector, ::before & ::after much more.

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📁 Assets 
Icons :
Fonts :
GitHub :

Outline ⏱

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Result
0:38 - Project Setup
01:35 – Reset HTML
02:21 – Left Container HTML
03:41 – Wrapper
14:58 – Bottom Shoe Nav
26:23 – Right Container HTML
33:10 – Product Size
35:49 – Reviews
41:11 – GSAP Animations

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sagar shrestha


Saw movie-inspired game using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

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Saw Movie-Inspired Game Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Creating games are so simple and everyone can do it. Let’s create an interactive game based on the “SAW” movie theme using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We won’t be using the canvas element to build the game. We will be using the Propeller JavaScript library. You can check my previous story to learn how to use the Propeller library.
Here is the demo of the game that we will be making:
How to play?
Simply click or tap the “Click here to start” area. When the game starts, the three grooves inside the circular blade will change their position randomly. You will have 10 seconds to align all the grooves to the horizontal markers as shown in the above demo. You can align the grooves in any order.

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