The Best Advice for Delivering Better Software

The Best Advice for Delivering Better Software

Crafting great software is about focusing your attention on what matters at the right time. Rubbish software is produced when we try to do everything at once.

Rubbish software is produced when we try to do everything at once.

Principles, guidelines, best practices, and rules of thumb — they all make your life easier. Without them, ten-minute tasks can turn into ten-hour tasks.

One of the absolute best pieces of advice I received from my mentor very early on in my career was this simple one-liner:

“Make it work, make it better, make it faster.”

It’s a slight alteration of Kent Beck’s famous quote, and its simplicity is enabling and puzzling.

“Make it work” is quite easy to wrap your head around. You have a set of requirements, and you’re coding to fulfill them — kid stuff.

“Make it better” is where the meat is. “Better” is the juicy part that you’ll spend the majority of your day achieving. Better code, better design, better approaches. But what does “better” mean? We’ll get around to that later.

Well, let’s be honest: You often never get around to the “make it faster” aspect of your code — at least not for every part of the software. You want to make your hot paths fast and efficient, but you’re likely in good shape, leaving paths rarely traveled. It’s not worth the effort. Simple as that.

Ridiculously, developers tend to focus on “make it faster” whenever they read others’ code. It’s common to read comments like “This inefficient code is horrific!” This totally neglects whether the code solves the problem on time.

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