Artificial Intelligence Is Boosting Hyper-Automation & Winning

Artificial Intelligence Is Boosting Hyper-Automation & Winning

Artificial intelligence is enabling hyper-automation that is giving companies useful business insights while saving costs and mundane employee efforts.

Artificial intelligence is the driving force to start innovation

COVID-19 showed the business world the real potential of Artificial intelligence. It accelerated the pace at which organizations adopted disruptive technologies to make the new normal work. By 2021, businesses across the industry have seen a rise in hyper-automation processes which is nothing but a combination of AI and machine learning with autonomy driven by cognitive process automation and robotics.

Having a strategic and well-thought-out implementation of hyper-automation will help in utilizing the investment made for repetitive tasks while initiating innovation. Hyperautomation is a powerful analytical tool and has abilities that facilitate human-machine collaboration, improve the customer experience while boosting productivity.

Automation can be either rule-based or cognitive. When employed across all the domains in a company with Artificial intelligence, the result is hyper-automation. This can create human capabilities that allow the systems to complete tasks faster and more efficiently with fewer mistakes. All this done right can relieve humans from mundane tasks and give them a chance to focus on more value-adding aspects.

Some use cases of hyper-automation are using NLP (natural language processing) to understand human speech or translate it to many languages or using optical character recognition (OCR) to read images for relevant information or using machine learning to analyze patterns and detect biases.

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