Ubuntu clone using Reactjs, Nodejs, Mongodb and GraphqQL

Ubuntu clone using Reactjs, Nodejs, Mongodb and GraphqQL

Ubuntu Web .Ubuntu clone using Reactjs, Nodejs, Mongodb and GraphqQL

Ubuntu Web

Ubuntu clone using Reactjs, Nodejs, Mongodb and GraphqQL

Note: This project is under development.


  • Create Draggable
  • Create Modal
  • Support for opening Multiple Modal
  • Create ContextMenu
  • Rename File or Folder
  • Copy and Paste
  • Delete File or Folder
  • Select Tool
  • Persist position of File or Folder in desktop
  • Show File or Folder in Modal


Download Details:

Author: ayushnawani

GitHub: https://github.com/ayushnawani/ubuntu-web

javascript node node-js mongodb reactjs

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