How AI Robots Used in Medical Field: Types of Robotics in Healthcare?

How AI Robots Used in Medical Field: Types of Robotics in Healthcare?

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This is the blog post by Anolytics about the use of AI robots in medical fields with types of robotics in healthcare sector. The blog is explaining the use of AI robots in medical fields and what are the different types of robotics in healthcare sector to perform various tasks. Different types of robots in healthcare are playing the major role in medical field to cure people and assist them in performing various tasks.

Robots in Healthcare used in various forms like robotics machines, drones and moving vehicles working like robots to perform various tasks making work process in medical fields easier. AI in robotics making such machines become more intelligent learned from the data and perform various crucial tasks without the help of humans. And find below the types of AI robotics used in medical field.


• Robots for Transporting the Medical Supplies
• Robots Used for Disinfection and Sanitation
• Robots Used as Telepresence Physicians
• Robotics for Prescription Dispensing Systems
• Robots to Work as Surgical Assistants

AI robots in medical field is used to transport the medical supplies, sanitization, prescription dispensing and work as surgical assistant. Robots can also assist people in performing the surgeries with high level of accuracy. Robotics works on computer vision technology and to train the robots training data sets are used with right machine learning algorithms to learn precisely and perform accurately.

Anolytics provide the training data for robotics with image annotation services to train the AI model for right predictions. Working with team of highly skilled annotators to annotate the objects in the images for computer vision with best level of accuracy. Producing the huge volume of training data with scalable solution for data annotation for all types of AI and machine learning models.
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