Embedded symbols in MongoDB

Embedded symbols in MongoDB

I am new to querying MongoDB but am running into difficulty filtering Objects where certain symbols exist. For example:

I am new to querying MongoDB but am running into difficulty filtering Objects where certain symbols exist. For example:

I have a number Objects in my collection engine that are structured like this:

    "_id" : ObjectId("5c3a5efa6b0526729490cb2f"),
    "imsi" : "12345",
    "class_name" : "foo",
    "decoded_payload" : {
        "timestamp" : 1547329260,
        "lock_status" : "LOCKED"
    "direction" : "in",
    "created_at" : ISODate("2019-01-12T21:41:14.998Z")

My objective is to get Objects whose imsi is 12345 that contain a decoded_payload that contains lock_status (lock status is of type symbol, not string). Many objects do not contain these keys so I want to filter out the ones that do.

The query runs, but returns zero results (although there are many Objects that should be returned). I am wondering if there is a syntax error that is overlooked because lock_status is of type symbol. What could be the error here?

My query:


$and: [

$exists: true,
$elemMatch: {"lock_status":{$exists:true} } 

{"imsi": "12345"}



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