The Map Is Not the Territory

The Map Is Not the Territory

THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY Each one of us has a different “map” of the reality. No matter how we see things, all of our so-called worlds are not. The map of reality is not reality. Even the best maps are imperfect. That's because they are reductions of what they represent.

The objective of the module 2 project on my Flatiron data science course was to use a multivariate linear regression model to predict the sale price of houses in King County, Washington as accurately as possible. The business case I had constructed around the project was to assume that I was advising a new firm of real estate agents who want to start a business in King County, but were strangers to King County’s real estate market and geography.

Furthermore, the non-technical aspects of the project, where I expand on the business case I had constructed around the project, is covered by my video here:

The grist for this blog comes from the frustration gnawing at my mind throughout the course of the project that I had never been to King County before. Just like my fictional real estate firm, I had no feel for its geography — its roads, its distances and its views. Looking at the numbers in a pandas dataframe was well and good, but short of travelling there yourself, the best way to bring those numbers alive was to plot a map.

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