Having fun with React Hooks

Having fun with React Hooks

Having fun with React Hooks. The hook uses React’s useEffect hook to register and unregister a keydown event listener on the window or supplied target element. ReactTraining.com will give a joint presentation covering hooks and some of the concepts from their training.

I was recently tasked with creating an Easter Egg in our application to launch a troubleshooting menu. In the past, I’ve done this by clicking on a sequence of items or on what appears to be a disabled icon a few times. However, this time I decided to try a different approach and implement a React hook that listens for the  Konami Code input on the keyboard. Thus, the useKonami hook was born. Here are the highlights:

  • A hook that listens for a keyboard sequence (default is the Konami Code) on the window or a target element, and then calls an onUnlock callback after the sequence has been successfully entered by the user
  • Zero external dependencies
  • Built using standard  React Hooks API’s
  • Optimized to avoid unnecessary rerenders
  • Open source on GitHub

How does it work?

The hook uses React’s useEffect hook to register and unregister a keydown event listener on the window or supplied target element. It then receives the keyboard down presses and compares them against the unlock sequence. Upon successfully pressing the sequence, the hook then calls the supplied onUnlock callback. If the sequence is entered incorrectly, then the optional onReset callback will be called. There is also an optional onKeyPress callback that is invoked each time a key in the sequence is successfully pressed.

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