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Free Passive to Active Voice Converter for Your Writing

There are various reasons why grammar checkers are popular among students. They are pretty accurate in finding and fixing errors that students would otherwise miss. Grammar checkers are also fast, enabling students to proofread their work in a relatively short time. They also come with various features, allowing students to check multiple issues such as tone, style, plagiarism and word choice in one go. A passive to active voice converter is one tool you can use to convert your passive sentences to active voice conveniently.

Signs of a Truly Good Passive to Active Voice Converter Online
Here are the signs of an excellent active voice changer

Ease of Use
It should be easy to use different features of the passive to active voice changer. Most students prefer online-based platforms. Additionally, some tools come with an add-on for word possessors, which allow for proofreading as one writes.

A good passive voice generator should be accurate at looking for errors in your writing. It should not miss any instances of passive voice in your writing. Besides, it should provide solutions for each error that you find in your writing. This makes it easy for you to convert sentences fast and accurately.

There are tens of premium passive to active voice tools on the internet. Some are quite expensive, other free or cheap. The price not always accounts for the quality. Some of the best tools on the internet are free or charge a few dollars to offer premium services. Essentially, you should not pay too high for tools you can use free or cheaply.

The right tool should not store any part of your paper without your consent. Tools that store your papers should allow you to register and decide whether to store or delete them. Otherwise, the papers might be accessed by third parties and used on academic sites.

How to Find a Reliable Passive Voice Checker
Are you wondering how to make a passive sentence active? Here are a few tips for finding a good active voice checker.

Do a quick search online
You will find various quality passive voice checkers by doing a quick search online. You can look for such terms as ‘passive voice checker’, ‘proofreading tools’, and grammar checkers. Pick a few tools from the search results and look at their features before settling on one.

Read reviews
Review sites rank tools according to their features, ease of use and costs. Check what tools are reviewed across various review sites and see if they can polish your work effectively.

Ask in student and academic forums
You can know what passive voice generator most students are using by asking about it in student forums. Forums allow students to share their experiences with specific tools so that others can choose whether to use them or not. Try a few tools that have positive reviews and see which one works for you.
Use the above tips to pick the right active voice changer for your paper!

Free Passive to Active Voice Converter for Your Writing