Microservices and Its Security Patterns

Microservices and Its Security Patterns

Microservices and its security patterns. A developer's view on common security patterns used in most of the API-architecture practices in the industry to make API and Application, as safe as possible.

Common security patterns used in most of the API architecture practices.

What Are Microservices?

A microservice is a single business unit where all data and functions that are relevant to a single business purpose are put into one service.

Well, this is the general understanding of a microservice, but what do we really mean by it?

Here we can take the example of Legos, yes, you read that right, Legos.

You may remember when we used to play with Legos that we start building our whole piece from an individual Lego brick.

Just like each Lego brick is independent of each other, each microservices is independent, but come together to make something greater.

Here we can compare each microservice to a single Lego brick.

A single microservice

A complete application (containing multiple loosely coupled microservices)

Benefits of Using a Microservices Architecture

  • Isolation
  • Scalability
  • Productivity 
  • Flexibility 
  • Faster project development
  • Evolutionary

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