What is Anthos : The multicloud platform by Google {Updated}

What is Anthos : The multicloud platform by Google {Updated}

What is Anthos : The multicloud platform by Google {Updated}. We try to answer what is Anthos in this blog. After Google recently announced the launch of this multi cloud platform, we try to decipher what it means for the community.

Google recently announced the availability of Anthos, a platform designed to allow users to run applications on-premise not just in Google Cloud but also with other providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Announced at the Cloud Next conference held in San Francisco earlier in April, Anthos stands out as the tech behemoth’s official entry into the fray of data centers. Speaking at the event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Anthos was built on the concept to ‘write once and run anywhere.’ The significance of this first hybrid multi-cloud platform for Google is apparent from the fact that the top line of leadership at Google, right from Sundar Pichai to Thomas Kurian and Urs Hölzle, chose to spoke about Anthos from among a 100 announcements made at the event.

This year, Google made the announcements of new features for the Anthos. The new features have made it possible to connect to the other clouds (Starting with AWS) to consolidate the on-premise operations. Before moving to discuss the latest features that Anthos offers, it is important to understand a few components that make Anthos one of the most interesting and powerful Multi-Cloud platforms in the industry.

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