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AWS Step Functions Use Cases

We’ll dive deep into Step Functions’ benefits and shortcomings, but our primary focus goes to the best Step Functions use cases.

As you probably already know, Step Functions is a serverless Workflow Service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). There’s a lot to discuss about this service, and you’ll find plenty of vital information in our  AWS Step Functions: The Ultimate Guide as well as in our series of articles that’ll dive deep into various aspects regarding this AWS service.

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We’ll dive deep into Step Functions’ benefits and shortcomings in today’s article, but our primary focus goes to the best Step Functions use cases.

Quick Reminder About Step Functions

Step Functions are utilized with  AWS Lambda. You’ll write little pieces of code into Lambda, and then you’ll stitch them all together with Step Functions. Moreover, Step Functions provide some advanced capabilities like multiple task execution in parallel and then wait for a specified period of time before proceeding.

They’re quite useful for orchestrating multiple small tasks that’ll help you build complex workflows. Step Functions are completely  serverless, and this means that users won’t have to worry about scaling up or down the resources when the incoming requests decrease or increase because Step functions will take care of it all.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of using Step Functions, so you’ll later better understand Step Functions use cases.

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AWS Step Functions Use Cases
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Combine AWS Step Functions with CloudWatch Events using aws-cdk

AWS Step Functions allow one to execute & coordinate long-running processes. Step Functions fall into serverless AWS services, and the platform manages the function execution state completely.
In the example below we will use the following AWS services:
The example demonstrates how Step Functions manage execution of a process, which involves external events e.g. human interaction.

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Rory West


ETL Orchestration on AWS with AWS Step Functions

In the latest years, the engineering, governance, and analysis of data has become a very common talking point.

The need for data-driven decision-making, in fact, has grown the need of collecting and analyzing data in many ways and AWS has shown a particular interest in this field developing multiple tools for achieving these business goals.

Before being able to allow the figure of the data analyst to explore and visualize the data, a crucial step is needed. This procedure is commonly identified as ETL (extract, transform, and load) and, usually, it’s far from being simple.

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PANDAS: Most Used Functions in Data Science

Most useful functions for data preprocessing

When you get introduced to machine learning, the first step is to learn Python and the basic step of learning Python is to learn pandas library. We can install pandas library by pip install pandas. After installing we have to import pandas each time of the running session. The data used for example is from the UCI repository “

  1. Read Data

2. Head and Tail

3. Shape, Size and Info

4. isna

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Seamus Quitzon


AWS Cost Allocation Tags and Cost Reduction

Bob had just arrived in the office for his first day of work as the newly hired chief technical officer when he was called into a conference room by the president, Martha, who immediately introduced him to the head of accounting, Amanda. They exchanged pleasantries, and then Martha got right down to business:

“Bob, we have several teams here developing software applications on Amazon and our bill is very high. We think it’s unnecessarily high, and we’d like you to look into it and bring it under control.”

Martha placed a screenshot of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) billing report on the table and pointed to it.

“This is a problem for us: We don’t know what we’re spending this money on, and we need to see more detail.”

Amanda chimed in, “Bob, look, we have financial dimensions that we use for reporting purposes, and I can provide you with some guidance regarding some information we’d really like to see such that the reports that are ultimately produced mirror these dimensions — if you can do this, it would really help us internally.”

“Bob, we can’t stress how important this is right now. These projects are becoming very expensive for our business,” Martha reiterated.

“How many projects do we have?” Bob inquired.

“We have four projects in total: two in the aviation division and two in the energy division. If it matters, the aviation division has 75 developers and the energy division has 25 developers,” the CEO responded.

Bob understood the problem and responded, “I’ll see what I can do and have some ideas. I might not be able to give you retrospective insight, but going forward, we should be able to get a better idea of what’s going on and start to bring the cost down.”

The meeting ended with Bob heading to find his desk. Cost allocation tags should help us, he thought to himself as he looked for someone who might know where his office is.

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