Uber for Movers App | On-demand Movers & Packers App Development

Uber for Movers App | On-demand Movers & Packers App Development

Start you business with On demand movers services with uber for movers clone scripts, we have ready made solutions for movers starts up. Our movers clone app runs in android and ios platform with unique awesome features and powerful admin dashboard

The constant up-gradation of technology has broadened the spectrum of digitalization which brings forth the service providers easily accessible and just a few clicks away. Today all kinds of services like cab-hailing, food delivery, grocery shopping, delivery services, etc. are available through various apps. Packers and movers app is joining the list. Uber being one of the leading apps in the world is on the quest to become a super app. It has launched a new app called uber for mover app. In this app, users can avail of packing and moving services by requesting the service at the app. This helps the user To find their service providers easily. Turnkeytown is a renowned web and app development company that excels at uber for mover app development. It has got a dedicated development team that could promise you the product promptly after so many test runs and optimizations. Let us discuss some of the features offered by Uber for moving app.

Features Scheduling An Order- the user can book a service and schedule the delivery of goods to the location. Easy Payment- this app allows easy payment by providing many payment gateways and options. Live Tracking And Status- the user can track the location of the goods to be delivered. The status of the goods is also known. Fare Calculator- this calculates the fares to be charged for the kilometers traveled and weight of the goods carried.

Conclusion The salient features offered by the apps developed by TurnkeyTown have elaborated above. Hope it gives an insight into the app development benefits.

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