If your Python Code Throws Errors, Check These Things First

If your Python Code Throws Errors, Check These Things First

Forgotten to close a brace or to add an indent? Many bugs have a simple fix

Fail fast, fail early — we’ve all heard the motto. Still, it’s frustrating when you’ve written a beautiful piece of code, just to realize that it doesn’t work as you’d expected.

That’s where unit tests come in. Checking each piece of your code helps you localize and fix your bugs.

But not all bugs are created the same. Some bugs are unexpected, not obvious to see at all, and hard to fix even for experienced developers. These are more likely to occur in large and complex projects, and spotting them early can save you a ton of time later on.

Other bugs are trivial, like when you’ve forgotten a closing bracket or messed up some indentations. They’re easy to fix, but hard to spot, especially when you’ve been working on the code for a while or when it’s late at night.

Once you’ve spotted a bug like this, it’s a bit of a facepalm-moment. You could kick yourself for not having seen it earlier — and you wonder why you did such a stupid mistake in the first place. They’re also not the type of bug that you’d want your colleagues to spot before you do.

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